Sunday, April 30, 2017

Maxine Waters Pushes Trump-Russian Collusion Conspiracy With Hopes of Impeachment

For well over 8 months democrats have been claiming there is collusion between then candidate Trump and the Russians. This claim of collusion is a conspiracy clearly cooked up by the democrat party and most likely the new entertainment industry in a last ditch effort to stop Trump's presidency. Dem Rep Maxine Waters has become the most vocal of the progressive.. communist party with the claims of collision with the hopes of impeaching Pres Trump.

The directors of the NSA and FBI were quite clear there is NO EVIDENCE of Russian influence on the election to indicate collusion between Trump and the Russians, yet the claims from the obstructionist party continue.

The truth of it is this, it's all a diversion to keep eyes off the REAL collusion between the Russians, the obama admin AND Hillary Clinton/ Clinton Foundation with respect to Uranium One!

No one seems to be too interested to nail down the facts on that deal as to who, what, when and how much. Plenty of media outlets (aka Praetorian Guard of elite leftists) have taken the time to disprove and attack claims of actual collusion, but the fact remains the Clinton Foundation got awfully rich as mining rights just happened to change hands.

Back to Waters, she is the face of the democrat communist party. While she runs to anti-Trump propaganda new entertainment networks, have you taken note how they don't ask her about the transfer of campaign funds to her daughter? No, of course not, because that would require real journalism, where what we get is news entertainment from these leftist activists.

It's time for Maxine to put up or shut up with her claims against the President of the United States. She needs to be formally called out to produce proof of collusion or resign. Furthermore, she should be censored by Congress for her acts of clear rebellion, insurrection and calls for sabotage. Paul Ryan and his ilk will shrug it off, which is why he and the progressive GOP need to go in 2018!

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