Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pelosi Praises DREAMers Families For Illegally Bringing Children to America, Protecting Families is "Logical Next Step"(Video)

In a nutshell Nancy Pelosi praised illegal aliens for bringing their kids to America, ILLEGALLY, whom are now grown, more or less demanding citizenship. But it doesn't stop there, because as you know said DREAMers took over Pelosi's presser a few days ago ranting they want amnesty for ALL ILLEGALS!

The democrat party minority leader got the message loud and clear, agreeing with said plan as she stated under the same breath "..the list goes on and on about how we want to advance and protect the DREAMers until we can pass the bill and that protecting their families of course is the logical next step.

Their families did a great thing for our country bringing these kids here..."

Protecting the families = granting legal status = AMNESTY!

Pelosi and the democrat party are hell-bent on granting amnesty not only to the DREAMers but their families as well, Pelosi just made that clear as day. President Trump must stop negotiating with Nancy and Chuck Schumer because they will hamstring him as the democrat did to Pres Reagan in 1986. Dems promised their amnesty plan would be a one-time event, border would be secure etc (sound familiar!?) and look at us today MILLIONS more in the US. And to be clear she wants the door open to everyone here illegally including those on expired visas from parts unknown! This isn't just about illegals coming from Mexico, Central and South America, it includes EVERYONE here illegally.

Democrats want to regain majority power, permanently, the only way they get there is pandering to their communities who are here legally that vote with the hopes one day said voters will be doubled. If amnesty of any kind is granted it will lead to one party rule. California is living proof.

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