Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dem Rep Keith Ellison Wears Whig Singing a Song Mocking Pres Trump at MinnRoast 2018 📺

The Minn Post holds a variety show every year with local politicians called MinnRoast. Democrat Keith Ellison took part in the event wearing a Trump like whig while singing a song mocking Pres Trump.

Now we get it's all in fun, it's a yearly event yada yada, but what if a politician.. a white politician did this to obama?! Could you imagine the hatefest that would be going on right now by the media and the democrat party if anyone in the GOP did this to their messiah singing about Benghazi, all the spying under his admin, gun running, open border policy, obamacare failing, poor economy etc!? Or forget obama, what if someone does the same thing to Ellison over his ties with CAIR, muslim brotherhood, Louis Farrakhan and Awan IT scandal that compromised national security!? The Left would be apologetic calling for said individuals resignation, they would be called a racist, Leftists would be protesting probably burning a city down at this point.

Maybe someone on the right should do the same to Ellison? Let's see how good of a sport he is, or to heck with it just trigger the Left again because Americans are so tired of their crap!

Monday, May 21, 2018

DiGenova Blasts Obama Admin Officials on Trump Probe: 'They Destroyed the DOJ and FBI' 📺

Fmr US Atty Joe diGenova ripped into obama admin holdovers who have "destroyed the DOJ and FBI" that will take years to rebuild public trust over their attempt to unseat a duly elected President. Sally Yates, Jim Brennan, James Clapper, and the rest of the obama loyalists (coup conspirators) are now all attacking Trump because they know they're in trouble. Their little coup has failed, so now they try to change the narrative, treat Trump as if he is the one breaking the law, threatening the rule f law and democracy, when THEY are the ones who have broken the law and the American peoples trust.

To make matters worse, but not surprising, Dep AG Rod Rosenstein is now patronizing Pres Trump by allowing the inspector general to look into any spying against the Trump campaign in 2016. The problem with this, as diGenova points out, is the IG has no authority to subpoena those involved with the plot (aka "insurance plan") against Trump that have left the DOJ. You would think any of Trump's attorneys would make this clear but this is where we're at.

Mark Levin: Robert Mueller’s Appointment is Unconstitutional 📺

The key to Levin's argument is the capacity in which Mueller was hired and the authority (unlimited at this point) he has, that makes his appointment different from other special counsels. Mueller is acting in the capacity and authority of a US Attorney or "principled officer" as Levin explains. Those with this sort of power under the Appointment Clause (Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the Constitution) have to go through a Senate confirmation process just like any other officer appointed.

AG Rosenstein (that's right AG, because Jeff Sessions is not really running the DOJ) wrote the memo recommending Comey's termination and then appointed his and Comey's friend, Bob Mueller, to investigate Pres Trump over claims of collusion, NOT A CRIME, and obstruction of justice. Since then Mueller has expanded his investigation to more or less go after anyone for anything. To this day those who have been indicted are over issues of perjury, tax evasion and other matters unrelated to the election let alone working with the Russians. Furthermore for a special counsel to be appointed a crime has to have been committed where the SC's mission would be defined, scope and power is limited, whereas Mueller's is unlimited.

There was no crime, again collusion isn't a crime, those who think otherwise produce the statute saying so. The Pres has not obstructed justice by firing Comey because the DOJ is under the Executive Branch where POTUS can hire and fire people for any reason.. as Comey himself pointed out!

This entire witch must be shut down. A federal criminal investigation should be launched against all parties involved who initiated this soft coup from Rosenstein to Mueller, John Brennan, Sally Yates, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, Loretta Lynch to name a few and most definitely barrack hussein benito milhous obama!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Judge Pirro Blasts Jeff Sessions: He is 'MOST DANGEROUS Man in America' 📺

The Judge opened her show up giving an up-to-date synopsis of the special investigation, aka witch hunt, against Pres Trump after it's one year anniversary. To date nothing has been accomplished nor any illegal or criminal activity has been proven, while millions of tax dollars are wasted. What the Judge is doing in this segment is to actuality build a "case" against the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling him the "most dangerous man in America".

Everything you have been witnessing during this witch hunt against Trump is because of Jeff Sessions! He is weak and impotent, allowing himself to be convinced by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (who is part of the Deep State esp with regards to Uranium One) to recuse himself, where Rod has more or less taken control of the DOJ. Sessions has done absolutely nothing as AG, many times invoking his recusal as reason to not get involved with any aspect of this farce investigation where he could get involved if he wanted to. Because of his impotence we see weekly examples of corruption, acts of perjury and stonewalling by the one agency we expect to be honorable, truthful and unbiased. The DOJ/ FBI once respected now no longer truth worthy because Sessions has allowed the convicts to run the prison.

One of the most aggravating, infuriating, bullet points Pirro makes against Sessions is his unwillingness to go after Hillary Clinton, who legitimately broke federal laws, because she is private citizen now? What is that? That tells each and every American the US is in fact a Banana Republic, where elites can break the law, not be held accountable and when they go back to civilian life they need not worry about prosecution! NO sorry, it doesn't work that way, unless we're talking about a third world nation. Through Sessions' incompetence that is what the US has become, we are in a Constitutional crisis not because of anything Trump has done but what the DOJ/FBI and other agencies are doing to him, and again none of it would be happening if Sessions had spine!

Jeff should have never taken the AG job knowing he would recuse himself practically from day one. The President, with the advice of Constitutional legal scholars liberal and conservative, from Dershowitz to Levin, should fire Rod Rosenstein. His termination would trigger Sessions resignation and then hopefully POTUS can get an AG in office who will work to protect the country and Justice Dept, and bring justice to those engaged in the soft coup.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Glenn Beck REPENTS, Going Full MAGA, Admits He Was Wrong About Trump! 📺 🔊

Well this was quite interesting to hear today. Glenn Beck, who was vehemently against Donald Trump running for President in 2016, expecting the worst, going so far as to call Trump a progressive had an awaking. Since Trump took office Beck has been keeping score of the accomplishments as well as the attacks Pres Trump has been subjected to. Thanks to the Left going full bore on Trump, over his calling MS-13 animals, Beck had enough of it so much so to don a MAGA hat, declare he will vote for Trump who will win in a landslide, of potentially epic proportion in 2020!

Beck pointed the doubts he had for Trump, on his campaign promises, then citing they were in fact accomplished and how he was wrong! The former Fox host apologized for being wrong, and dismantled the Left on point after point over how wrong they have been about Pres Trump. He hammered away on the media saying they're almost "not even worth addressing anymore" calling them a "joke and parody of what they think they are."

Heheheh... liberals do you have any idea how much trouble you're in now? You demonize conservatives at every opportunity. You side with Hamas, MS-13, illegal aliens, promise to raise taxes to take away hard-working Americans money(it's their money NOT yours), bring on single payer healthcare, boldly declare you want to repeal the Second Amendment and the list goes on and on for your 2018/2020 blue wave takeover fantasy! When you have guys like Beck, who were vehemently against Trump post-primary and into the election, now saying "Hey I was wrong, this guy is doing a fantastic job, he'll win the next election and I'll GLADLY vote for him", your days are numbered. You see that's Beck on air, saying all of this, what about the people who shared the same anti-Trump viewpoint who have had a change of heart as he?? So you dems you go right ahead pushing your blue wave we'll see how big it is come Nov 2018 and then 2020.

Good luck.

To the Beck haters out there... give the guy a break. I'd rather have him on the air defending Trump, and converting listeners on the truth that will result in votes for repubs, conservs and Trump than not. We're all on the same side or do you want dems to win?

Full radio show

Fmr DNI Chief Clapper Says "Good Thing" Obama FBI Was Spying on Trump 📺

James Clapper's appearances attacking Pres Trump, his approval and bragging about Trump being spied on is in fact an admittance the obama regime did in fact spy on Donald Trump. If you recall, Trump had tweeted out obama was spying on him where the Leftist controlled media berated, trashed and trivialized him for saying that, suggesting he was paranoid and spreading conspiracy theory. Of course none of them are taking their harsh words back let alone apologizing now that the truth is out.

Clapper needs to be investigated for his involvement, leaking if not charged for committing perjury to congress. This obama loyalist Leftist is so full of himself he runs his mouth telling the truth proving the corruption we've been witnessing. Let's be clear the Russians weren't doing anything with the Trump campaign because they were too busy working with the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the intel agencies (Brennan). They all cooked up this ridiculous collusion conspiracy and that dossier to justify spying on Trump.

We cannot have the federal govt controlled by one party spying on Americans as they did under the corrupt barack hussein benito milhous obama regime. The intelligence agencies are corrupt, staffed with die-hard obama loyalists who, to this day, are working to undermine the now duly elected President of the United States. This is serious America, and shame on Clapper for being happy about it (probably played a role in it).