Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Schumer: 'We Are Going to Let Everybody Vote. Everybody'

Well there you have it America, Chuck Schumer is making it official of the democrats true intentions with elections and voter counts. They want anyone and everyone to vote which means, criminals, legal non-citizens and of course illegal aliens. Democrats have known for a while now much of America is wising up to their antics and games where we're seeing a growing exodus from the democrat party.

Dems are losing the minority vote, especially from Black American's who are tired of being used and slowly replaced by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens are the future of the democrat party, it's why you won't hear anyone on the left taking a position against the coming invasion. Sure, some will say they support the border wall, and want illegals to come in the legal way but in reality they only say this to win over voters who are on the fence.

Schumer and his hate America gang will do and say whatever they have to, to hold onto power. Don't dismiss it either, what the dems in DC want to do is what has already happened in California. The state is now under one party rule, only a literal handful of republicans hold office in the state legislature. The state will never again have a republican governor, let alone legislature, all because of the flood gates being opened to illegal aliens.

Schumer just laid his cards out of the dems plans, now what are you going to do about it? Sit home election day like many did, who are no complaining, Nov 6th, or get active support those fighting this move to destroy America?

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tom Steyer Says Trump 'Must Be Impeached' For Climate Change Stance

Climate change advocates like Tom Steyer are a cult who are willing to destroy the economy and the country over their obsession with a theory that has been shot down and disproved by honest scientists countless times. This radical leftist who has been calling for the President of the United States to be impeached since day one has added climate change to his list of complaints over Trump's opinion, based on fact, of climate change.

It's no surprise radical leftists like Steyer and CA Gov Brown would use the California wildfires to push their ridiculous theories front and center - after all like Rahm Emanuel said, "never let a good crisis go to waste". The problem with their argument about the CA wildfires is the state REFUSED to take preventive measures to remove dead trees, brush and over-growth that have now become a massive supply of fuel for the wildfires! They're just deflecting their failure to protect the state on Trump and anyone else who points out the left refused to take proper steps of forest conservation. They care more about some bug and a bird's nest on a dead tree than the homes going up in flames and lives lost. 

Keep in mind according to Al Gore, and the kook scientists he based his wild theories on Steyer, Brown and co espouse to, parts of Florida, New York and other coastal cities should be under water right now. The ice caps should be gone and the polar bears extinct...

Steyer's rant is what we're going to have to listen to by countless leftists for the next two years no thanks to republican voters being in a state of complacency and not voting Nov 6th. If you sat home and didn't vote for the GOP this nonsense we're going to have to endure from Steyer and co is your fault!

Monday, November 12, 2018

The Truth About the Caravan

Those of you at MSNBC and especially CNN this is what real journalism is, not your fanfare and pom-pom cheering to see the US overthrown via foreign invaders.

The media swears up and down the "migrant caravan" is composed of women and children, and some men, who are asylum seekers escaping violence. As you will see in this video that's the farthest from the truth, as this invasion (more on that in a second) is composed mostly of young working age men who want to illegally enter the US, or get in under a lie of being an asylum seeker to find work. That money they make won't stay in the US it will be sent right back to wherever they come from.

There is nothing organic or spontaneous about this caravan as it is the product of open border group People Without Borders, who is getting help from the Mexican govt, and the UN! The logistics behind moving this group, providing medicine and just feeding them is huge. Someone (we have a good idea who) is spending an enormous amount of money to violate America's sovereignty and upend our economic system. The organization, migrants defiance (some who think we're racists) to enter the US no matter what while they violate our laws to take jobs and money is an invasion. Dems think otherwise then tell us what you call it when people vow to forcefully enter a nation, waving the flag of their nation?

FYI: While things look good on the surface for America, the economy remains on life support as the debt continues to climb, people are still living paycheck to paycheck.

"There are leftist organizations that are using these migrants as a tool to push a certain political agenda, which includes the weakening of American sovereignty and our border security, and unfortunately these migrants are going to be caught in the crossfire."

Couldn't have said it any better. The democrats DO NOT care about these people. They are using them to destroy America as we know it. These illegals get into the US they help change the demographics and more importantly affect the Census, which means new Representatives are added to Congress, theoretically in areas dems will win. The end result is doing to the US what was done to California, now under complete and total one party rule. Stop thinking short term America, because the democrats are playing the long game. They're hoping to wear you down until one day you wake after an election to learn the few remaining republicans have been beaten! When that happens America is over.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Avis Employee Finds “Provisional Ballot Box” Left in Back of Rental at Ft Lauderdale Airport


Fort Lauderdale Police responded to call about a suspicious package at an Avis car rental agency at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport. What some would assume would be a possible explosive device, following the pipe bomber, turned out to be a box labeled “provisional ballot box” along with election signs!

Has anyone seen this kind of corruption behind an election?
Yes, there is election tampering.
NO, it's not being committed by the Russians or anyone connected to the Trump admin/ campaign.
It's abundantly clear the democrats are boldly trying to steal this election in broad daylight! Why not, nothing ever happens to them when they break the law. The Broward Cty Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes was busted for shenanigans in 2016 and it didn't even phase her to do it again now. This is what happens when the GOP does nothing, they have elections stolen while they just stand there waving their finger and filing lawsuits that go nowhere.

If the govt doesn't take control of the mess going on in Broward, Palm Beach Counties as well as in Georgia, Arizona and wherever else the dems are "finding" ballot boxes someone is eventually going to get hurt. All the hate, division, acts of violence, intimidation and now corruption is going to trigger some unhinged psychopath. Don't say it can't happen because it already has in Alexandria with smaller examples since.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Rep Gaetz Catches Workers 'Secretly Loading Stuff In/Out of Broward Supervisors Office'

Broward County is completely out of control at this point as they have violated elections laws, court orders and disenfranchised voters. Rep Matt Gaetz has been vocal over the corruption circling the election and caught workers 'secretly loading stuff in/out of Broward Supervisors office', before being removed by police!

The democrats in Broward Cty aren't even trying to hide their corruption. None of them see a problem at all with boxes of ballots being found, others not even being counted, or vehicles offloading ballots to a truck in the middle of the night..

Not one eyebrow is raised over how all the ballots that conveniently show up have helped the democrat candidate(s).

Democrats will get away with these acts of corruption because the GOP always cowers to their threats.
What you're seeing is what happens in a Banana Republic. Those GOP/ conservative voters who sat home Nov 6th, are you happy now? This wouldn't have happened if people took warnings of complacency seriously and got out to vote, this is as much those who sat home instead of voting as those "finding" ballots.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The View Defends Acosta, Argues WH Intern Committed Battery and Should Be Arrested

MicGate rolls on as the democrat media defends political activist Jim Acosta for being defiant and belligerent to Pres Trump. The View, more specifically "attorney" Sunny Hostin, took this fiasco to a new level blaming the WH intern, arguing she committed battery against Acosta when she attempted to take the mic away from him and should be arrested!

When the President of the United States tells you "enough, put the mic down and be quiet" you do it. But not Jim Acosta, no no, as Meghan McCain argues, he always has to be the center piece of a story. That intern was doing her job, regardless of what Hostin says and you can find plenty of attorneys who will disagree with her. It's absolutely absurd to suggest she committed battery on this confrontational monster who does not do news. While yours truly is no fan of the McCain family, Meghan has it right saying "well hey let's go arrest the intern". This is similar to what Dana Loesch and yours truly does to leftists calling NRA members terrorists, where we direct them to report us to the police and FBI. If you feel that strongly then call the cops, press charges don't rant on air injecting yourself into the story for clicks and views to boost your ad revenue!

Call the left out on their crazy claims and accusations. Who wouldn't love to see this clown Acosta go to court over this? This site has been preaching for years to take the gloves off and give the left a dose of their own medicine. The days of being nice, diplomatic and taking a bloody nose because of some high moral pedestal the right sits on are over. The left HATES YOU, they have no interest in debate, or agreeing to disagree. Either you submit and comply with them or else! Sound familiar? It should as ideologically they're no different from radical islamists!

Start fighting back America.