Thursday, August 17, 2017

Watch Radical MO State Rep Claim to Be a Patriot, Refuse to Apologize After Calling For Trump's Assassination

Missouri State Rep Maria Chappelle-Nadal posted on Facebook (and has now removed) her hopes that Pres Trump would be assassinated. After getting called out for such a horrible statement this hateful woman claimed it was stupid to do yet will not apologize. This hateful rhetoric is one thing when it comes from your run of the mill Leftist on social media, but when it's an elected official it's a whole new ball game.

When an elected leader say (regardless of medium) they hope the President of the United States gets assassinated there should be dire consequences. If a Hollywood hack can lose endorsements and their job for depicting POTUS beheaded, those elected to office should be removed immediately from the seat they occupy.

And let's be clear Chappelle-Nadal is being absolutely defiant..

.. she's not sorry, she means every word she posted that has since been deleted.

By the way where the hell was Facebook community monitors that allowed this to go up, yet have been silencing conservatives who post content that is no where close to be as offensive?!

The radical Leftists are praying someone makes an attempt on POTUS. With all the rhetoric we've seen since Nov 2016 it has sparked violence across the country including an attempted assassination on republicans that would have changed the balance of power in Congress. It's just a matter of time until some Leftist goes after Trump. God help this country if that happens, all hell could very well break loose.

The Secret Service needs to do 2 things.
The first, remove this Gagné's cousin from Trump's detail.
Second, pay Nadal a visit putting the fear of God in her.

UBER is Getting Into It Now, Points Blame For Violence Solely at Neo-Nazis

UBER's Regional GM, Meghan Verena Joyce, sent this letter out to customers and like we've seen in the media they're ignoring how far Left contributed to the violence in Charlottesville. While Joyce thinks she is smart by issuing this letter she, like all on the Left, has in fact taken ownership of Antifa, BLM, and all the other radical Leftists who are just as bad. Anyone giving these radical groups a pass, by omission supports them. This is also a shot at the President, since he directed blame at all who participated vs singling out the nazis which through Leftists into a major temper tantrum.


Whether you like it or not, the nazis had a right to protest, just as BLM and the like have done in the past. Also, the night before the protest when they had their tiki-torch march, there really wasn't any trouble. The fighting and violence we witnessed was because the violent, unhinged, deranged (they were throwing bodily fluids, #2, etc at opposition) far Left showed up to counter protest riot. They instigated the fights as much as the nazis, but Joyce, speaking for UBER, will never say that. She like the CEO's who were in the President's Manufacturing Council is bowing down to PC pressure. That's fine. While UBER probably avoided a boycott from Leftist groups, they'll feel it from 63M people who didn't vote for Hillary!

If you need a ride there's always Lyft!

CNN Suggests Barcelona Attack is a "Copycat" of Charlottesville (Vid)

Only one network could reach so far and make an outlandish statement. It must be like pulling teeth with a rusty pair of pliers for CNN to cover the Barcelona attack. Wolf Blitzer and former obama regime hack Jim Sciutto actually tried to make a connection between the vehicle terror attack in Spain to the one in Charlottesville! There is no connection and it's not a copycat based on all the info that has been out for hours. They know the attackers are connected to a larger cell who apparently were planning bombings but ended up blowing themselves up!

Just when you think CNN hits a new low they go even lower. To suggest terrorists were copying racists is beyond absurd, it's malpractice of the highest order for a news outlet.

I know my calls for boycotts go to deaf ears, but the call goes out to hammer their advertisers, PUNISH them for bankrolling the lies, deceit and propaganda that comes from out of control network.

CNN Commentator Calls for Removal of Washington and Jefferson Statues

Chalk up another "win" up for Pres Trump. He called it during his presser at Trump Tower whether Washington and Jefferson's statues would be next and now the Left is calling for it! The Left is never going to stop this assault on America. That is what it is, they hate this country, it's a racist country and that past needs to be erased.

Bill O'Reilly was explicit with this warning, if you haven't seen it you should. O'Reilly warned the Left is coming after everyone because they know when it comes to race they win. The Right as a whole are cowards running to the hills when the race card is pulled. Because of this a precedent has been set, that is now resulting in the removal of historic statues and the like. So now Washington and Jefferson are targets, it won't end with them. Everything related to the Founding Fathers will come under this same attack, from Mt Rushmore to the US Constitution.

People better get off their asses and start fighting back. You can start with the offensive Lenin statue in Seattle..

...followed by removing Robert Byrd's statue from VA state capitol.

Otherwise the longer you remain silent the worse it is going to get.

Dozens Injured and Killed After Terrorist Vehicle Attack in Barcelona

Dozens Injured and Killed After Terrorist Vehicle Attack in Barcelona

Innocent people minding their business shopping along Las Ramblas have had their lives changed forever today as terrorists once again used the weapon of choice, a large van, to attack.

15 people are dead
80 injured
2 suspects in custody and another was reportedly shot dead.

How many more innocent people have to die until govts and law enforcement agencies truly start cracking down on suspected terrorists. Give it time, there is little known now, but we know the drill, soon enough we'll hear how police knew about the terrorists but didn't have actionable intel on them. Then we'll see the raids take place and go back to business as usual until the next attack.

They're never gonna stop attacking. We will continue to see more low-tech attacks like Barcelona around the world. Sooner or later a large scale attack will happen.

People need to start being more alert and use a tactical mindset when they walk out the door. If you're out on the street and hear gunshots take cover behind something big and thick. Near a car, get behind the front wheels because that is the densest part of car. A round cannot travel through the wheel,engine block and through the other wheel you should be behind! When you're in a store, restaurant, office, classroom etc look for exits and escape routes. You're never trapped either, those clear things called windows can be broken! Break the glass and run. Speaking of running, do not run in a straight line, zig zag, move side to side to make yourself a harder target. And last but not least, if you have the legal right to own a weapon and the state you live in allows conceal carry, start carrying. Get proper training and start carrying your weapon because the police will not be there to protect you and yours!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

O'Reilly: Far Left is Coming For Everybody, to Shut Down Opposition

" [Far Left] They're not gonna to stop with Trump or with Robert E Lee's statue, they're coming for everybody. They want to shut up opposition, they want to hurt their opposition and that's who they are."

Bill O'Reilly reading the words of radical Leftists plans explains how they're out to not only destroy American history, Pres Trump but the country. What we're seeing covered in the news 24/7 right now is, as he explains, coming right out of Alinsky's book; isolate, marginalize and demonize opposition.

Calling everyone nazis, racists, more or less taking guilt by association to the extreme is all to inject doubt on leadership and destabilize the country. The radical Left is preparing for battle as they pit everyone against everyone to in fact "introduce a little anarchy", because they believe they will be standing in control when the dust settles.

This plot goes even deeper if you know who Aleksandr Dugin is. Glenn Beck, like him or hate him, has this scheme dead to rights on his tv show Think Tank. He will be going deeper to expose Dugin and others interference in American politics as he did when he exposed other radicals.