Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dem Rep Luis Gutierrez: Free DREAMers, We'll Build the Wall

Is Luis Gutierrez caving to Trump? Don't buy his "A brick for lives? Okay. Let's do it." for one second. Democrats will never agree to building the border wall because they all think the same exact way as Gutierrez, that the wall is offensive and waste of money. Furthermore, this is the same BS that was pulled in 1986 with Reagan, where he was promised there would be border security in exchange for amnesty, but it never happened.

The Wall goes up first, with no conditions. Dems do not care about national security, and this trade Gutierrez is suggesting won't be limited to 800K DREAMers aka illegal aliens. As reported earlier this week, the number will be closer to 3.6M, just enough to change voting demographics and swing every single election... permanently for democrats. The democrats master plan is to have one party rule in America. It's already been proven in California, which is now under permanent one party rule. If Trump and the GOP bend 1mm on illegal immigration dems will eventually get what they want.

After shutting the govt down, refusing to fund the military and CHIP, because dems care more about illegals, the line must be drawn. There should be no deals made on immigration. Anyone in the GOP chiming in, in favor of making a deal for amnesty MUST be primaried and run out of office. Democrats only want illegals granted amnesty so they can seize power and control over all of us. They admitted it when a memo leaked out from fmr Clinton advisor Jennifer Palmieri was made public.

NO DACA, NO amnesty.

These 10 conditions are must on immigration or all bets are off.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Sen Schumer Takes Victory Lap For Shutting Govt Down

Sen Chuck Schumer who orchestrated the govt shutdown took a victory lap after the Senate failed to pass the continuing resolution (CR). In typical fashion he put the blame on the GOP suggesting the majority they hold should've had the votes to pass the CR. What he left out was the CR requires 60 votes, where there are only 51 republicans in the Senate. At least 9 democrats would have had to vote for the CR but the democrats stopped it because they think granting amnesty to illegal aliens supersedes the funding for the US military, veterans, Children’s Health Insurance Program(CHIP), and American citizens in general.

The democrats have made it official, Americans are a second class citizens to illegal aliens. There was no need to do this, as there is plenty of time to deal with DACA. Aside from its deadline in March, the recent district court ruling actually extended that deadline! This CR was more or less about funding the basics but democrats led by Schumer wanted to add immigration to it, as he states, to it causing discourse.

The dems have in fact thrown gasoline on a fire over the division that already exists in this country. There will be more resistance and resentment towards illegal aliens because of the selfish actions of the democrat party who only pander to minorities as a whole for votes to secure their seats of power.

Have your shutdown Chuck, govt agencies have reserve funds to operate. You and your party have crossed a line that there is no turning back now. You want a fight you got it.

CNN’s Acosta Gets SCHOOLED By OMB Director Mulvaney as Schumer Shutdown Approaches

While it's not a surprise to see Jim Acosta get schooled there is a larger issue at play here. Acosta represents all of the corrupt media pushing lies to blame the GOP for the soon to be govt shutdown. Name the network, they were all using the same exact language "The GOP has majority in the House, Senate and has the White House, how can a shutdown occur?" The key fact they leave out is, as OMB Dir Mulvaney points out, in order to pass the continuing resolution (CR) you must have 60 votes in the Senate.

Ok so let's have math class for those who don't get it:
There are 51 Republicans(R) and 49 Democrats(D) in the Senate.
You need 60 votes to pass CR.
To get to 60 at least 9 Democrats would have to vote with Republicans:
51(R) + 9(D) = 60!

That said how is it the govt shutdown (which is a nothing burger, scare tactics by the Left and media) is the GOP's fault? The democrats are holding funding to the military, CHIP and other agencies hostage to get amnesty for illegal aliens (aka DREAMers). The GOP should welcome the shutdown because democrats are running to cameras making it clear they are acting out over DACA which is not a funding issue and furthermore, read this loud and clear, THEY HAVE NO BILL to vote on! There is no DACA bill!

Btw today is Friday, the govt always shuts down around 4-5pm until 8-9am the following Monday! The govt shuts down everyday at 4-5pm and reopens the following morning 8-9am! The govt also shuts down on federal holidays.. we're all still here and frankly if it wasn't for the media and their countdown clocks no one would know otherwise if it happened! Life will go on and as Mulvaney points out in this presser, all the agencies have reserve funds they will tap to keep the doors and lights open unlike obama who dramatized weaponized it by having barricades put up at outdoor monuments and the like.

Acosta, SHITHOLE CNN and the rest of the media can point fingers all they want, but facts are facts dems own it, this is the Schumer Shutdown!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Chuck Schumer 2013: Shutting Down Over Immigration is ‘Governmental Chaos’

With the countless threats of a govt shutdown because democrats want amnesty in exchange for funding the govt Chuck Schumer has proven he is a hypocrite. Waaaaaaaaay back in 2013 he said "It would be governmental chaos to shut the govt down over immigration":

Well based on Chuck's and the democrat party's actions as of late I guess they want chaos. Fine have at it, because Americans will be damned to sit silent and see this country held hostage by anarchists posing as politicians willing to cause shutdown unless amnesty is granted for millions of illegal aliens aka undocumented democrat voters.

The 2016 election and losing majorities in Congress as well as state legislatures is all the motivation dems need to make this push because they know they need that new pool of voters to regain power!

Shut it down Chuck, those of us with a clue welcome it.

Midterms are coming up, take note of how this swamp monster conducts himself. If you don't vote to keep the GOP in power this SOB will be running the Senate and Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker and second in line for the Presidency!

CA Atty General Will Prosecute Employers Following Fed Law Helping Immigration Sweeps

California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra has made it official for anyone who was in doubt CA is a lawless state when it comes to federal laws. The AG told reporters any employer who engages in activity giving up info on employees (violating privacy) with regards to immigration enforcement will be prosecuted and jailed! In other words if you are an employer approached by ICE, planning sweeps, and give up info on illegals in accordance with federal immigration laws Becerra will lock you up!

Becerra cites California's "new laws" stop employers from helping the govt, but to be clear those state laws are in violation of federal laws. The AG needs to be reminded federal law supersedes state law, so he is out of order. Becerra, Gov Brown, Lt Gov Newsom, the corrupt leaders in the state legislature as well as law enforcement need to be arrested for violating 8 US Code § 1327 Aiding or Assisting Certain Aliens to Enter and 8 US Code § 1324 Bringing Harboring Illegal Aliens.

With regards to harboring, legal experts will argue these leaders are not in violation because they're not directly "harboring" illegals, ie in their home or the like. Well while they are correct they are also wrong. California's leadership's action on sanctuary city/ state policies and laws have made California that home/ refuge for illegals, they've literally created a massive blanket clause for the state that would in fact cause them to be held liable; they've turned CA into that "home". And this goes for other states and cities, you cannot create law out of thin air that redefines things, people and places which violates existing federal law and then deem yourself exempt. Remember the kid(s) on the playground who would change the rules in the middle of a game because they were being beat, that's what you have here!

CA's new sanctuary state law is illegal, employers would be wise to do what is asked of them by federal authorities

800,000.. No, No, NO Try 3.6 MILLION DREAMers in the US!

Well the cat is out of the bag, and now we know why democrats have been screaming from rooftops that something must be done about DACA immediately. It turns out the democrats are holding the nation's business hostage to force immigration reform in order to get amnesty for 3,600,000 NOT 800K DREAMers aka ILLEGAL ALIENS aka undocumented democrat voters!

"The 3.6 million estimate of undocumented immigrants brought to U.S. before their 18th birthday comes from the Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit think tank that studies global immigration patterns. That is roughly a third of all undocumented immigrants in the country and does not include millions of their immediate family members who are U.S. citizens." USA Today

Do you know what 3.6M new democrat voters would do to the US? All you need to do is look at California. It's demographics have literally been changed where more Representatives have been added as a result of population increases, no thanks to the droves of illegals flooding in (Trump admin is currently seeking to add citizenship question to Census to curb this). The state is literally under permanent one party rule, where citizens are being "terrorized" by the state legislature forcing socialist policies, high taxes, tons of restriction to the degree of now having to pay for plastic bags, and last but not least its systematic destruction of Second Amendment rights. As argued by this site, CA IS the testing grounds/ laboratory for how far the Left can go. They've proven they can take over a state completely and want to apply the same to the nation. 3.6M new voters will turn states that are already borderline Red (Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and potentially Texas(libs are moving there in droves from West coast)) Blue! Don't say it can't happen because it already happened to CA, a state who had Reagan as governor and elected him to the White House, and Colorado too!

Let the democrats shut the govt down over DACA. It will put them on official record they care more about ILLEGAL ALIENS than YOU, your family, friends and all American citizens and military!


If they want to stay these are the 10 conditions that MUST be in any deal Pres Trump agrees to or all bets are off!

One last thing, it is an absolute disgrace how the GOP holds a majority in the House, Senate and White House yet continues to be manhandled by the democrat party.  As long as the GOP maintains this do-nothing course they're on, they're going to get an ass-kicking in Nov and then there is going to be real trouble on the horizon.

There are 3.6M 'DREAMers' — a number far greater than commonly known
USA Today
A small group of senators spoke on the floor Wednesday, urging their peers to pass what they say is a bipartisan DACA solution before the looming March 5th deadline. (Jan. 17) AP

The political debate over the fate of "DREAMers" — undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — has overlooked just how many there are in the country today: about 3.6 million.

That number of people whose lives risk being uprooted is not widely known, in large part because so much public attention has been focused recently on 800,000 mostly young DREAMers accepted into the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

This smaller group of DREAMers is in the spotlight because President Trump terminated DACA in September, saying it was an illegal overreach of executive authority that can only come from Congress, which is negotiating with Trump on a compromise immigration plan.

While many politicians use DREAMer and DACA interchangeably, the terms are "not a distinction without a difference," said House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

DREAMers got their name from the DREAM Act, a bill that has been proposed in Congress since 2001, but never passed, that would protect that group of immigrants...more