Wednesday, September 20, 2017

ABC Reporter Comes Unhinged Over Trump's UN Speech Suggesting It Borders on "War Crime" (Video)

ABC's Terry Moran seems to have lost his mind following Pres Trump's UN speech going so far as to suggest his remarks on destroying North Korea border on committing a "war crime". A speech where the leader of a nation that has been threatened with nuclear annihilation promises to destroy the enemy is now teetering on being a war crime! Let that stew for a minute.

According to Moran's logic, Trump shouldn't say anything hostile towards North Korea. He should just shut up and let the Fat Kid threaten the US, fire missiles and potentially strike the US.

The Leftist media, aside from being completely unhinged since Trump's victory, is growing more dangerous by the day. The language they, as well as politicians and pundits, have been using has resulted in countless acts of violence by their devout followers. It has gotten so bad that one fatally stabbed two people on a train in Portland, and the other tried to shift the balance of power in Congress in Alexandria! Moran is adding fuel to that fire, because all the nut jobs on the Left will hear is "Trump is dangerous, he wants to start a nuclear war, he is committing treason, guilty of war crimes" where someone is going to act out to stop him.... just like in Alexandria.

If ANYTHING happens to this President, all hell is going to break loose. Liberals you better start policing yourselves before one of your own does something very stupid.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DNC Deputy Chair Compares Illegal Aliens to Jews in Nazi Germany (Video)

Congressman and DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison had the audacity to compare illegal aliens to Jews in Nazi Germany. He argued not giving illegals sanctuary in America would be like refusing to help the Jews! This is by far one of the most offensive and insulting pleas ever made by a sitting US Congressman for illegal aliens aka future democrat voters. Illegals ARE NOT being eradicated by a rogue genocidal regimes from their countries of origin. Illegals come to the US mainly from Mexico, Central and South America, China and other countries because they have been baited with free stuff, "better life", by progressives at the tax payers expense. This is where progressives are willing to go to justify pushing for amnesty for DACA AND their families.

Ellision wants to talk passing the moral test, someone should ask him why he cares more about illegals than US citizens?

DREAMers Turn on Visibly Shaken, Fearful Nancy Pelosi (Video)

DREAMers shut Nancy Pelosi down who was clearly rattled, physically shaking, as she pathetically attempted to speak. The very people she has been pandering and coddling turned on her because they not only want AMNESTY for themselves but their whole families... all 11 million of them!

Who didn't see this coming, leftists eating their own!? What's even more upsetting and concerning, for ALL Americans, is how people who do not have a legal right to be in America are making demands!

Obviously no one can round up 11 million illegal aliens, so what do you do with them? You make life difficult for them to function here, where many will leave aka self deport. The system is not broken, we need the immigration laws on the books enforced, stop handing out free stuff and making life easy for illegals to live in America. For those millions who won't leave here are 10 conditions that must be in any comprehensive immigration bill or All Bets Are Off!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dem Senator Wants Undocumented Immigrants Covered by Medicare For All (Video)

Sen Mazie Hirono is supporting Bernie Sanders Medicare For All / single payer bill, and she wants undocumented.. illegal aliens covered under it too. Granted illegals are not paying into anything as it is, so why not include them in this proposed unsustainable entitlement?!

Single payer health care system will never work in this country. How do we know? We've already seen govt run health care via the treatment of our veterans in the VA system. How many have died waiting to be seen, or get treatment? We also seen how single payer works across the pond over the Charlie Gard debacle. Some experts argue, and correct me if I am wrong, but the US physician who examined Gard argued had he been properly diagnosed and treated early on he would have survived. The NHS, while not American is the European model of govt controlled health care the Left wants the US to utilize.

NO THANKS and there is no way in HELL illegal aliens should be covered.

Keep in mind democrats/ socialists rant that it is a [human] right while they're deliberately conflating health CARE and health INSURANCE. By doing this they can justify their calls to include illegal aliens. NO ONE is entitled to health insurance, and NO ONE is denied health care either. I took this photo after recent visit to the ER...

So you see no one is denied health care. Sen Hirono and the democrat party will never admit that this policy exists in almost every medical facility in America. They just want their power and control over all of us.

Clinton Gets Asked Where Her 33K Emails Are at Book Signing (Video)

Hillary Clinton, her aides and attorneys destroyed evidence in a Congressional investigation. Had any other American done this they would already be in prison, but Clinton gets rewarded with multi-million dollar book deal. Lara Loomer confronted Clinton at a recent book signing asking what happened to the 33K emails, Benghazi and the money for Haiti. In typical progressive... communist fashion, the unindicted felon laughed it off recommended reading her book and then trivialized literal factual crimes as "untrue".

This is what happens in a Banana Republic, Jim Comey established the US is last year, and Jeff Sessions maintains by allowing this UNINDICTED FELON to walk free.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pelosi Suggests Republicans Will Put DREAMers in Internment Camps (Video)

Pelosi Suggests Republicans Will Put DREAMers in Internment Camps (Video)

Nancy Pelsoi and the democrats continue to attack Pres Trump and the GOP over obama's (admitted) illegal executive order on DACA. She had the audacity to compare DREAMers to Japanese in America during WW2 who were put in internment camps suggesting DREAMers meet the same fate!

Democrats always leave the details out don't they, history lesson America: The Japanese, Germans and Italians in America during the war who were put in internment camps was by the order of a DEMOCRAT president!

Why do democrats put DREAMers on a pedestal? Because they want to legalize them and do to the entire US what they've done to California. The more illegals that are here the more it becomes politicized and a factor in elections. It got so bad after the scam pulled on Reagan, Calif went from a red state to deep blue. Republicans will never hold majority power in CA ever again. The state is under one party rule and that "disease" is spreading to Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina and other purple/ swing states.

Dems are at their end with having any legitimate arguments to justify illegals staying in America. They have to use scare tactics, fear mongering and of course racism to get their way. Make no mistake about it these swamp monsters couldn't careless about Jose, his wife and their 3 kids. Dems end goal with illegals is full citizenship so they can vote these SOB's party into permanent seats of power.