Saturday, October 21, 2017

Maxine Waters Vows to "Take Trump Out" to Thunderous Applause (Video)

The face of the democrat party, Maxine Waters, received thunderous applause during a speech at a benefit for homeless LGBT youth promising to take Pres Trump out. For almost a year Waters has been threatening to impeach Donald Trump at this point for simply existing.

To this day Trump has committed no crimes, has issued many Executive Orders which were nothing but invoking existing law obama stepped all over. Regardless Waters continues to promise supporters she will impeach him, but is now using harsher more threatening language.

While many called for the toning down of harsh rhetoric this DC swamp monster has only amped things up, which will only lead to another Alexandria. It's only a matter of time until some unhinged Leftist gets trigger and carries out an attack like that against Republicans last June.

I don't know what's more disturbing: A US Congresswoman filled with so much hate she cannot restrain, exposing the true racist deep inside herself or the thunderous applause from attendees. I have never seen a President attacked and hated like this, including obama. People on the right did not like obama but you never saw anyone, let alone members of Congress carrying on like this.

This country is clearly divided. For those wondering, the cold civil war is now lukewarm.

(Note: YouTube has been actively removing every copy of this video.)

Judge Pirro Delivers Explosive Opener Implicating Top DOJ & FBI Officials of Massive Cover-Up on Uranium One Deal (Video)

Judge Pirro Delivers Explosive Opener Implicating Top DOJ & FBI Officials of Massive Cover-Up on Uranium One Deal (Video)

Judge Pirro's lays out the case of massive corruption implicating top ranking DOJ and FBI personnel, engaged in a cover-up of the Uranium One deal that put $145M in the Clinton's pocket.

The same people, McCabe, Mueller and Rosenstein, trying to hang Pres Trump on Russia, Russia, Russia, have their hands deep in cookie jar. Pirro explains how each one played a role with the deal getting approved that made the Clinton's super rich.

What was in it for them though???

Remember the Left truly believed Clinton had 2016 election locked up, Trump's win came out of nowhere. There's no doubt big promises were to these men, promotions and cabinet appointments. The dream never happened and now the same people are involved in a witch hunt to get Trump out of office! Think about it, because the Left really thinks they can still over-turn the election!

Eric Holder running the DOJ sat on the committee that approved the sale.
Rod Rosenstein got AG Sessions to recuse himself from anything Russia related, which keeps him from taking any action against anyone. He conveniently appoints Bob Mueller, who at the time of the deal was the head of the FBI, now trying to connect Trump to Russia.
Andrew McCabe tasked with investigating Clinton's email scandal which has gone nowhere.

Needless to say Rosenstein, McCabe, and Mueller need to be fired and put under investigation. Dems can shove their Russia, Russia, Russia wet dream investigation, since it's DOA when news broke and more so as more evidence comes to surface that it is Hillary, obama and their enablers who need to be investigated for "colluding" with Russian. Granted collusion isn't a crime, bribery and compromising national security is!

The one person, an informant, who knows what's going on has been silenced on all of this. He has been silenced under a Holder /Lynch NDA Pirro states is unheard of in the legal field. If Jeff Sessions doesn't rescind the gag order he should be fired at this point. It's bad enough Rosenstein convinced him to recuse himself for no reason (mind you he's not legally bound to do so), to sit back allowing this level of corruption to take place at the expense of nation security is unacceptable for any Attorney General.

When you sit back looking at everything, the picture is clear why all these people are working against Trump. BY working against him, they're trying cover their asses because they don't have the POTUS they thought they would to protect them!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Crooked Hillary: Uranium One Scandal is "Distraction and Diversion" Created by Trump & Fox (Video)

Crooked Hillary: Uranium One Scandal is "Distraction and Diversion" Created by Trump & Fox (Video)

Crooked, unindicted FELON, Hillary Clinton lives in a delusional world. She actually had the audacity, in this interview promo for BookTV that airs Sundays on CSPAN2, to suggest the credible, factual investigation, by John Solomon at the Hill and Sara Carter at Circa, is a "distraction and diversion" created by Trump, his allies (i.e. Hannity) and Fox News!

Pathetically, Clinton is still hanging on to the Russia, Russia, Russia conspiracy not realizing the only real act of collusion was committed by her, obama and the Russians. While collusion is not a crime, bribery, compromising national security and selling the US out is! She's clearly deflecting when she says "I’m not surprised, but I think the real story is how nervous they [Trump camp] are about these continuing investigations.”

The question we all need to be concerned about is whether the DOJ will act or again confirm the US is a Banana Republic with two sets of rules? One where we the peons would go to jail for doing what she done, they other where she can sit there and lie, knowing she broke the law but also know nothing will happen to her.

There's plenty of evidence to indict Clinton, will Sessions act is the question? Don't get your hopes up America, the AG has failed us multiple times since taking office.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sessions Refuses to Lift Gag Order on FBI Informant in Clinton-Russia Probe (Video)

Jeff Sessions needs to go, he is not fit to run the DOJ. He allowed Lois Lerner to slide after weaponizing the IRS and then destroying evidence, recused himself from Russia investigation when it was not necessary, let Hillary walk in the email scandal and the list goes on and on as Jason Chaffetz revealed Oct 1st at with Judge Jeanine Pirro. This man had everyone believing he would be "Mr Law and Order" as Attorney General. He fooled us all just as the GOP fooled us all when they promised to repeal obamacare, if given majority in the House, Senate and a republican President. There is no logical reason for Sessions to keep a gag order (NDA) in force by Loretta Lynch.

Attorney Victoria Toensing explained on Hannity the FBI informant signed an NDA, with criminal penalties, that prevents the informant from speaking about what he knows on the uranium deal between Clinton, obama admin and the Russians. BUT that was during the past admin. Obama is gone, Loretta Lynch has no power or authority either, both are civilians.

As Dobb's points out, it's fine the NDA was in force during the obama admin as they did it to protect the obama regime, but this uranium scandal is serious and a national security issue. Sessions can override as Schaffer argues and is most likely correct there is a huge cover-up within the FBI.

Since Sessions is obstructing, Chuck Grassley, chairing Senate Judiciary Committee, and Devin Nunes, chairing House Intel Committee, both need to grant the FBI informant full immunity so we can learn the truth on this real story of Russian collusion. It puzzling as to why Pres Trump has not stepped in ordering Sessions to do what is right or ask for his resignation. Make no mistake about it, that is where we are at with this AG. Sessions, almost since the day he took office, has acted incompetent. He is not working in the best interests of the American people who expected the corrupt to finally be brought to justice.

Gen Kelly Shames Congresswoman For Politicizing Soldier's Death, Rep Wilson Disrespectfully Fires Back

White House Chief of Staff, fmr US Marine General John Kelly spoke to the press corps in reaction to Rep Frederica Wilson taking a private phone call of condolence between POTUS and Sgt La David Johnson's widow out of context. As Kelly explained those who serve this country KNOW what they're getting into when they enlist in the military and they do it for the love of country. There is nothing cold hearted, rude or insensitive telling someone who lost a loved one in combat "they know what they were getting into", yet Wilson like all democrats spun it for cheap political points to suggest Trump savaging Sgt Johnson's family.

After expressing how stunned he was that a member of Congress would sink to such low, Kelly pointed out the opportunist Wilson is when he attended a dedication ceremony, in 2015 for a new FBI field office, while still serving. "A congresswoman stood up and in the long tradition of empty barrels making the most noise, stood up there and all of that, and talked about how she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building. How she took care of her constituents because she got the money and she just called up President Obama and on that phone call he gave the money the twenty million dollars to build a building and sat down." That's the kind of person Wilson is, to hell with the injured, victims and dead, look at me, look what I'm doing, keep me in office.

After learning Kelly more or less shamed her for politicizing Sgt Johnson's death,  making matters worse, or really digging a deeper hole for herself, Frederica Wilson responded to Kelly's statement telling Politico, “John Kelly’s trying to keep his job. He will say anything.”

This response, this attitude, is exactly what is wrong with the democrat party as a whole, including their supporters, acolytes etc. They're opportunists who politicize everything for personal gain. They don't care about anyone but themselves and the party.

This horrible, vile woman crossed the line in trying to make a name for herself, like the other racists on the Left. Where are the investigative journalists to dig deep into this monsters life to uncover whatever corruption she is probably engaged in?

Teach her America, teach her all the way...

Maxine Waters Attacks Trump, Promises Impeachment, During "Non-Political" AIDS Walk Speech (Video)

Maxine Waters is obsessed with impeaching Donald Trump for simply existing at this point. To this day not one shred of evidence has ever been produced of collusion or obstruction of justice. Well actually it has... but it involves Hillary, obama, the Russians and some uranium! You would think with all the leaks we witnessed over the last year the smoking gun would've been produced, but nothing, because they have nothing on him. None of that will stop this unhinged, dangerous, corrupt, sorry excuse for a politician from lying to the public while she promises to impeach Trump.

Take note Waters spoke for a total of 2:25 minutes (including praise for organizers, applause etc) in a speech, for an event, that was to be non-political on AIDS before attacking POTUS! "This is not a political event. We don't know what this president will do or say or tweet from one day to the next. Don't forget this is not a political event but I'm headed toward impeachment."

Did her non-political speech end there? No of course not, Waters continued on ranting about obamacare, scaring attendees, with no proof, that its repeal would have detrimental effect on AIDS patients and other people with pre-existing conditions. This nut then suggested Trump only wants to repeal obamacare, "sabotage" it, because obama's name is on it, not that it is collapsing on itself, which she also pinned fault on him for! "In other words, Trump's goal is to sabotage our nation's health care system just because a major health care reform law has President Obama's name on it."

Curious for someone calling for the Presidents impeachment she's done nothing to make it happen, why? Day after day she calls for his impeachment but has yet to submit Articles of Impeachment on the House floor. Reps Sherman and Green at least have the guts to make it happen. This witch is just saying it to get airtime on all the networks to fatten her wallet!