Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Maxine Waters Tells the Resistance to "Knock Off" Pres Trump

Maxine Waters is taunting Pres Trump and his supporters when she uses this kind of inflammatory rhetoric, baiting them because she always has a caveat... "well I said 'knock off... to impeach'". It's the same difference when someone uses cross-hairs on political issues they want to address. Waters is using word play to distance herself from any accountability should another unhinged violent leftist do a repeat of Alexandria, or Rand Paul or any of the other examples of assault and violence committed against people on the right.

What she said about democrats standing for the Constitution is more insulting than her crafty threats against the President of the United States. Democrats.... CONFEDERATE democrats HATE the Constitution, it is to them as it is to obama, a charter of negative liberties limiting what govt can do to you. They would love nothing more than to take gasoline and a match to the Constitution right after they impeach Trump and then Pence.

How many more examples do voters need to see to get out of their self-induced comas and electorally EXTERMINATE the dems from power?? (How do ya like that Maxine we'll use your style of rhetoric in calling for your party's ousting!?)

Lastly, SHAME on the GOP and it's Chairwoman for doing nothing to help Waters' opponent, Omar Navarro, to oust her.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Can't Make This Up: Court Records Show Kavanaugh's Accuser's Parents Foreclosure in '96 Was Adjudicated By His MOTHER!

Let the games begin... Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct 35 years ago, coming forward now at this point is a political hit job. Aside from the fact she is a democrat donor and Bernie Sanders supporter, her attack may be personally motivated too. Why? Judge Martha Kavanaugh, Brett's mother, was the presiding judge on Ford's parents, Ralph and Paula Blasey, foreclosure in 1996! (Judge M Kavanaugh granted a motion to dismiss in 1997)

[Look it up for yourself here use the search via case number feature and input this case number 156006V]
Did Ford really think her life would be sealed and information like this would not surface? She asked for this the day she sent that letter to her CA State Rep with no evidence and a vague memory of what actually happened!

**The left wants full transparency well it goes both ways. If there are any discrepancies just post it in the comments and the correction will be made since info coming out is very fluid and info on Ford is very limited**

There is absolutely no reason for the Senate Judiciary Committee to delay Judge Kavanaugh's SCOTUS confirmation vote after what we've learned about this woman in less than 24 hours. You can't make this shit up, and we can only imagine what else is coming. Huge props to America First Media for uncovering this, which is a demonstration of real investigative journalism... hope you're taking notes CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Ronan Farrow(SHAME on you) et al, this is how it's done!

Conservatives you need to melt the Senate's switchboard and crash their email server sharing this information, as well as the info revealed earlier of Ford's political donations, with republican Senators. Tell them no more games they must move forward with the confirmation vote, as this defines political hit job.

Alleged Kavanaugh Accuser Turns Out to Be Democrat Donor and Bernie Supporter

The woman who claims Judge Kavanaugh, and a fmr classmate, who vehemently denies the event happened, assaulted her 35 years ago in high school finally came forward. Prof Christine Blasey Ford is the same woman who per Sen Dianne Feinstein's statement didn't want to be identified, nor pursue the matter, yet there she is in the Washington Post (STR refuses to link to that garbage propaganda site) and she has apparently taken a lie detector test.

Where was Prof Christine Blasey Ford when Brett Kavanaugh worked for the Bush admin or was going through the confirmation process to be a federal district judge? Why didn't she come forward when he was nominated for the Supreme Court? This whole stinks to high heaven! Forget all of that, the fact that Kavanaugh was subjected to six.. S I X   FBI background investigations and this never came up should tell you all you need to know!

It's quite convenient the party of obstruction would keep quiet on this and wait until the 11th hour to drop it on the nation only after the Intercept called Feinstein's bluff. Of course it makes sense to do it now after 4 days of confirmation hearings otherwise Ford would have been brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain herself. No, they had to give her time to scrub her social media, so we couldn't see whatever it is she's been up to, however it's been revealed Ford is in fact a democrat donor and a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Ford is nothing but a piece of meat to democrats, who have thrown her out to the lions to cause chaos for their Resistance movement. When this circus is over her life will continue to be in shambles because she was dumb enough to trust the dems with her fake story.

Yes her story is a joke, if she was legit she would have come out years ago not now right before a Supreme Court nominees confirmation vote. As for that lie detector test, for those who don't know, if a person believes something to be "true" even if it's factually untrue they will test positive. In other words if someone literally believes they're god, they will test positive that they are god! This is the reason said tests are generally not accepted as evidence in a trial. And again the FBI conducted S I X background checks on Kavanaugh, nothing came up!

What this is, is just another attack that is part of a multiple pronged assault against Pres Trump, his admin, appointees and you the 63M people who put him in office. Confederate democrats do not care about the damage done to peoples lives in the wake of their Resistance movement. The ends justify the means.

That said democrats... CONFEDERATE democrats, something must be made VERY clear to you. What you've done to Donald Trump, by trying to frame him for being an agent of the Russian govt, and now this BULLSHIT attack on Judge Kavanaugh, on top of EVERYTHING else you've done to divide this nation... there's NO coming back from it.
YOU have PERMANENTLY DIVIDED America. That civil war people joke around about is heating up at an accelerated rate, you are playing with fire and are going to get burned, badly.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Pirro Burns Sen Feinstein & 'DEMONRATS' Down For Pushing 11th Hour Attack Against Kavanaugh (Vid)

Judge Pirro burned Sen Dianne Feinstein over her and the 'DEMONRAT' party's irresponsible 11th hour attack on Judge Kavanaugh, attempting to stop his SCOTUS confirmation. She sat on this information over the summer and didn't speak of it during the hearing.

It's existence did circulate among a few DEMONRATS because Sen Mazie Hirono's line of questioning during the confirmation hearing suggested she had something on him!

What Feinstein and the DEMONRATS are trying to do was an attempt to capitalize on this #MeToo movement, which has become exactly as Pirro explained, the accused are guilty until proven innocent. And while they try to prove their innocence their life and livelihood gets destroyed by the PR machine the dems have exclusive access to via the corrupt media.  The dems were trying to Bork Kavanaugh via the MeToo tactics! Thankfully the FBI is not going forward with any investigation because nothing happened. Let's just say it was true though, who in their right mind thinks a teen boy locking a girl in a closet in high school is grounds to be denied sitting on the US Supreme Court!? Dems do, which is another reason you better get out to the polls this November to electorally EXTERMINATE democrats.

All this said I want to make something clear about Dianne Feinstein. As much as this site, the right as a whole would like to see her gone from the US Senate, that can't happen until AFTER the election. Yes, this woman has to be allowed to win another term! Is STR insane?! WHY, many are asking?

I'll tell you why.. Among many of the craziness that takes place in California, the election rules have been perverted by the ruling one party controlled govt: the two candidates with the most votes in a primary election get to be on the general election ballot. Being a communist run state, conservative voters are outnumbered resulting in Dianne running against another democrat, State Rep Kevin de León.

There is no other way to describe de León other than calling him a FUCKING MONSTER!!

Take it from a conservative CA resident, this guy makes Feinstein look like a republican! He is responsible for many of the insane and unconstitutional laws in place against the Second Amendment and gun owners. Kamala Harris, when she was CA's Atty Gen, along with de León have systematically turned law-abiding gun owners into criminals, and have made it VERY difficult own a gun. From forced registration, banning of certain types of weapons, to the inability to buy guns and ammunition through the internet and very soon the need to have a permit to buy ammo!!

He's the same guy who is the focus of viral internet video talking about ghost guns...

Needless to say, as a US Senator de León will dwarf what Feinstein, Schumer and co have done to gun rights on a national level.

Have we talked immigration yet? No... this FUCKING MONSTER is pro-illegal immigration. He's fearless on the issue, like guns, so much he's bragged about his own family being here illegally while encouraging illegals to use fake documents!

Trump Supporters Confront Corrupt CA State Senator Encouraging Illegals Get Fake ID’s

STR is fully behind Judge Pirro's rant against Feinstein and the DEMONRATS, but America the last thing you want is for her to get beat at the ballot box this November. Yes, it's crazy to speak in her favor, but the nightmare that will come if she loses cannot be stressed enough. DO NOT use her attack on Kavanaugh to campaign against her. You're being given a clear warning, you do not want her opponent serving with Harris in DC.

Friday, September 14, 2018

John Kerry Says Iran Won't Enter Talks With US Until Trump Is Out As Sec Pompeo Blasts Him For Interference 📺

First things first, the Iran nuclear agreement is not and was never legally binding. It is NOT a treaty, the Iranians didn't even sign this deal our allies, France, Germany, Britain, with Russia and China are choosing to abide even after reports surfaced they were violating the deal! That said Kerry is LYING at the end of the clip over the strength of the deal, if it were the Iranians wouldn't still be moving ahead with their nuclear development. Also, the Iranians claim their interest in nuclear development if for energy purposes, but to this day no one has explained what a nation rich in oil and other natural resources needs with nuclear power

John Kerry has admitted he has been talking with the Iranians, he despises Trump so it is any wonder that they wouldn't come to any talks so long as Trump is in office!? Regardless of intentions, Kerry a private citizen,is interfering with govt foreign policy. He may deny it, but it would seem whatever he is up to is to set himself up for a 2020 presidential run, who knows what he's telling and promising the Iranians. What are reason/ motive could he have to be talking to them?

Sec of State Pompeo as expected blasted Kerry for acting "unseemly and unprecedented" and that he is "actively undermining US policy as a former secretary of state is literally unheard of."

While Pompeo wouldn't say whether or not Kerry is breaking the law, Logan Act, it's pretty evident to armchair attorneys especially since democrats went after Gen Flynn under the same law for doing his job when he was Trump's advisor! If anything we have clear example of two sets of rules - one for democrats and one for republicans.

Don't get your hopes up for any charges to be brought on Kerry under the Logan Act nor for registering as a foreign agent so long as Jeff Sessions is head of the DOJ ceding all power to Rod Rosenstein who has been running the agency since Sessions took the job.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

About That Google Exec in the Leaked Video Saying "WE" Lost (Video)

By now most people are aware of the Google video that was leaked showing executives expressing how upset they were over Trump's victory in 2016. Of all the whining and partisanship within the video the one segment that should stand out the most but IMO is overlooked is when CFO Ruth Porat spoke with tears in her eyes.

When Porat says "we" she's not just talking about democrat/ Hillary's voters. Based on what we know now, revealed on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the "we" Porat is speaking about is Google! They didn't interfere enough to influence the outcome of the 2016 election.

This is dangerous for a company so big to be colluding with a political party to win an election. Now that said, look at what's going now from the censorship of Alex Jones (like him or not), Prager University and countless other right leaning/ conservative outlets by the tech giant. They learned from their mistakes in '16, and are making up for it now by silencing dissent through shadow banning, censorship of content, unexplained suspensions (yours truly has been a victim of), manipulation of search results, to outright bans.

There's clearly a concerted effort by this tech giant, as well as Facebook and Twitter, to control the flow of information this election cycle to get the end result they wanted, a democrat victory, in 2016.

You can't be making political donations, taking advantage of govt subsidies and also picking sides in an election, that is why many are calling for Big Tech to be reined in! These companies have had countless warnings via high profile individuals speaking publicly over how they're being targeted and censored. Big tech is choosing to ignore the warnings, to stay the course that will lead to govt regulation. What they're doing now is far more influential on American politics and social issues than tv and radio ever were, which landed both industries under federal regs. Conservatives are in favor of small govt, Big Brother keeping out of our lives, all these companies have to do is stop and be fair. They don't want to, by this video and what's happened since then they want to control what we see and hear. Fine, be prepared for Big Brother to step in, you had your chance.