Wednesday, January 4, 2017

4 Racist Black Thugs Arrested for Kidnapping and Torturing Mentally Disabled White Man

By now you've heard about or seen the video about a young mentally disabled white man in Chicago being tortured on Facebook Live by 4 clearly racist thugs. Police are investigating this horrific event and have four suspects in custody.

The hate these "people" monsters have to cut this young mans scalp, drop ashes on his wound and make him drink toilet water is a result of what we've seen from radical leftists groups like Black Lives Matter. BLM and others have advocated violence against police and white people, invoked 'f*ck the police' and 'f*ck Trump' that is demonstrated in the videos. One of these monsters can even be heard saying "let's put him out of his misery" but the girl filming was against it because they can't do that "online".

After being held captive for approx 24-48 hours the young man was found wandering the street wearing only a pair of shorts. If this isn't a hate crime then what it?! These 4 monsters, all adults, better be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, NO PLEA DEALS.

As of now with the news breaking late there is no word from the obama admin. Let's see how quick his majesty or his Atty Gen will jump to action and promise justice for this young man.

While there is no proof these four are "card carrying" Black Lives Matter types there is no doubt the rhetoric, hate and divisiveness from the BLM, as well as their enablers (yes, that means you alt-left) clearly had an influence with these monsters. Anyone connected or identifies with BLM is a domestic terrorist (per the FBI's definition).

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