Saturday, March 7, 2015

Judge Pirro Rips Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy on Being Open & Transparent

The Judge was having fun ripping Hillary Clinton over her hypocrisy for using a personal email account to do govt business. You would think someone who has been through so many scandals would learn her lesson but not Hillary. She couldn't careless what the rules are it's all about her. Then there is the slap in the face to the American people's intelligence when Clinton offers to handover all her emails claiming to be transparent. Yea transparent after her staff scrubbed all the incriminating material. As for that server maintained in her home, good luck to Trey Gowdy and company if they can get their hands on it; even if they do does anyone believe it wasn't cleaned? Clinton's have millions to not only have the drives erased but remove any trace it was ever tampered with.

This scandal should be the end of Clinton but it won't. Even though some dems are coming out against her they will in the end defend her and vote for her. You know why? Party comes first even when the candidate is bad. Dems have no morals or ethics they would rather put a crook into office than an honest person!

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