Friday, February 27, 2015

New Report Claims Suspected Terrorists May Be Entering US Through Texas Border

Don't know who wrote the report but they're late to the party! Does anyone doubt radical islamists from ISIS to al Shabaab, along with a boatload of other America haters, are crossing our border by the hour?! If we had a real president the border would be locked down right now with all the threats being made against us. Instead we have obama who has rolled the welcome mat out and rang the amnesty bell that terrorists are going to capitalize off of. Terror groups would be stupid not to send their people across the border right now. Thousands continue to cross the border every month, how many are terrorists? Obama is more concerned about climate change (aka the weather), allowing Iran to get nukes and disarming Americans to care one bit about this nation getting hit.

Maybe we will get lucky one will try to strike on US soil, unlike the Somali in the clip, who gets caught and we will be able to directly connect that terrorist to obama's call to come on in! Even if that did happen nothing will happen though to obama or DHS Sec Jeh Johnson who put obamnesty into motion.

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