Friday, February 27, 2015

CPAC Attendees Walkout on Jeb Bush "No More Bushes, NO More Clintons"

This sign of defiance to the establishment GOP and Jeb Bush was great to see but half that auditorium should have emptied out. There were way too many sheep listening and applauding to that progressive Bush who is NO conservative. As William Temple, of the Golden Isle TEA Party, made clear and many of us have also asked why is Jeb Bush attending a conservative conference when he is strongly in favor of Common Core and amnesty? These two major issues alone should disqualify him, he is better democrat candidate than a republican. Bush has no business even associating himself with conservatives and frankly it's insulting.

There is a reason Mitt Romney lost in 2012, and conservatives swept many races in 2014, you would think the arrogant establishment would get the hint but they don't. They like democrats think they know what is best for us, so go ahead and ram another prog candidate down our throats and see what happens. Maybe losing another election in 2016 will teach these SOB's a lesson. There is no difference between Hillary, Bush and many of the other potential candidates. We need a true conservative to takeover the White House and the majority of republican held seats in Congress starting with McCain, Graham and Boehner.

This is a nice shot across the progressives bow but we have a long way to go. Here's a question we all should be asking: has anyone attending CPAC called for an Article V Convention of the States?! Maybe someone will find a set and do it because we're out of time...

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