Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rep Cummings Suggests People Will Be Dying in the Street if Obamacare is Repealed

Oh please spare us the drama Elijah. No one is going to die, the world isn't going to blow up if the GOP manages to repeal obamacare. You have to wonder with dems commies practically saying the same thing, "they [GOP] don't have a replacement plan", where their talking points are coming from!? Was it an official memo, email or conference call with obama or sub-pres Jarrett!?

Where is all the footage of people dying in the streets prior to 2009 that obamacare saved the nation from?
Doesn't exist because it was just fearmongering that could qualify as fake news, propaganda created by the communist party to seize control of our healthcare system. Trump sadly pushed this notion during the campaign but he surely doesn't literally believe it, and for the record Rep Cummings repubs had 12 plans to replace barackobamacare including a plan by incoming HHS Sec Rep Price!

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