Thursday, January 5, 2017

CNN's Don Lemon Doesn't Think Chicago Torture Vid is Evil

Perhaps Don is still hungover from New Years? If the kidnapping and torture of a young mentally disabled man isn't an evil act then what is? Now that the police finally caved and filed hate crime charges, will that be enough to sway this fools opinion? And NO Don this goes far beyond 'bad home training' [parenting], these monsters are clearly driven by the hate they see coming from the left. They may not be card carrying BLM but they were influenced by them and other hateful leftists.

The dismissive rhetoric over this clear black on white hate crime coming from the left is off the charts. Why are dems dismissing and playing it down?

Because Chicago has been under democrat control since 1927, they don't want to admit it is a full blown war zone and everything they touch goes to hell. This is yet another example why they lost Nov 8th 2016. Keep it up dems, keep pushing you garbage so we can take those few remaining Congressional, state and governor seats!

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