Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sore Loser Sen Kaine Says Trump Sides With Assange Over US Intel on Russia

Fmr VP candidate Sen Tim Kaine just cannot accept the fact he and Hillary lost because the American people rejected everything they represented. Instead he, like the majority of dems, is holding onto this conspiracy theory the Russians hack changed millions of voters minds to vote for Trump. He truly believes Trump is a fan and believes in Julian Assange over US intelligence agencies. Whether you like Assange and Wikileaks or not fact is everything they produce has held up. Take note Kaine never denies what was released, instead he attacks the messenger!

To date there is no proof whatsoever Russia had enough influence on the election resulting in Trump's win. This nonsense they were that influential to swing the election is in fact fake news. Kaine and the left suggesting this conspiracy trivializes and disenfranchises each and every American who voted for Trump. Hillary and Kaine lost because Americans made the following (but not limited) choices, decisions and declarations:

decided capitalism (FREEDOM) is more appealing than socialism (soft communism).
chosen common sense and personal responsibility over political correctness.
declared they don’t want a president who has sold this nation out to foreign entities for she and her family’s self enrichment.
decided that their children should not share restrooms/ locker-rooms with those of the opposite sex.
chosen to stop piling onto the national debt, which has already doubled over the last 8 years.
declared to the world they do not want socialized medicine.
declared they will not give up your rights to self-defense.
decided the California model should be not be applied to the entire nation leading to one party rule.

more reasons here

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