Thursday, January 5, 2017

Press Sec Implies Russia Caused Clinton to Lose

The blame game with these people will never stop. What you are seeing is a lie being told over and over again from multiple sources (admin to fake news media) until it becomes the truth. Earnest and the rest of the communist party are playing the long game to rewrite history and delegitimize the Trump administration.

DNI James Clapper testified today that the hackers (Russians or whomever) did not change any votes...

The Russian may very well have hacked the DNC, even though Assange says otherwise, but the information that was leaked out mainly John Podesta's emails was not enough to swing an election. People's minds were already made up far before Nov 8th. The attendance at Trump vs Clinton rallies was a key indicator. He had massive attendance with lines outside she could barely fill a small arena.

The only one to cause Hillary to lose was Hillary. She banked on the crap fake news media to protect and put her over. She ignored the flyover nation, not even campaigning in some key states. She is riddled with corruption and detests half the nation; i.e. deplorables.

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