Thursday, April 17, 2014

Filmmaker Calls Out Harry Reid, Says 'He's a Terrorist' 'Trying to Kill the American Spirit'

Dennis Michael Lynch expressed anger and frustration many Americans are feeling right now after Harry Reid called anyone supporting Cliven Bundy a domestic terrorist. Lynch was on scene to film the events leading up to the face-to-face showdown between Bundy Ranch supporters and the BLM. A lot of Americans would like to hear an answer to DML's question as to WHY US agents were pointing full automatic weapons at himself and the protestors, but we know Reid will never answer only to continue smearing them. Lynch was justified calling Reid a terrorist, as Reid has a history of attacking not only members of Congress but private citizens who are simply expressing their rights of free speech and political support.

I am enraged over the complacency even complicity of the Nevadan people for allowing Reid to remain in power. He is one of the most destructive politicians to ever be in office, acting as obama's political bodyguard/ henchman. I am also angry over the lack of response from our so-called leaders, champions of the Constitution and rule of law for not condemning this vile excuse of a Senator for once again trashing the American people.

Side note: I am a very disappointed in Megyn Kelly who clearly demonstrated at the end of this interview she fears Harry Reid! She has demonstrated time and again strong integrity taking on tough guests (agents of CAIR to Black Panthers) and politicians (Weiner) yet went out of her way to prop up Reid for the position he holds and more importantly the amount of power he has. Megyn he is a man, he is not above the law of any of us. For you to turn tail like you did and even shaming Lynch for rightfully calling Reid a terrorist, because that is exactly what he is, is shameful on your part!

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