Monday, April 21, 2014

Mark Levin: ‘Soft Tyranny’ is Becoming a ‘Hardened Tyranny’… a ‘Domestic Tyranny’

The powers that be are implementing tyranny on the American people in a masterful manner right under the people's nose. Anyone who speaks out is immediately attacked by the regimes lefties foot soldiers prepared to destroy an individual or entity without hesitation. This is why Levin says we are going from soft tyranny to hardened tyranny, as the radical began small and as they gained ground and less resistance their attacks grew in nature to what we have going on today. You will be labeled a racist, bigot, hater etc and after they have their way in destroying your credibility they go for the jugular going after your livelihood while preaching to the masses it's for their best interests.

The radicals have taken over our healthcare, justify storing our personal data and spying on us. While the radicals chip away at our rights they have conditioned the people to accept these new norms to where people no longer speak out. Five years ago half of what this admin and its ilk is doing would not have been tolerated to where the people would have been protesting. I said it before I'll say it again i am not as optimistic about the coming midterm elections, the energy level today is nowhere close to what it was in 2009/10.

It's safe to assume the people are being worn out by the constant attacks and tyranny of the left who is relentless in their attack because they believe in what they are doing and are willing to put that agenda ahead of their own personal lives! They have the will to act where the right only has the will to support someone who comes along to fight the left! This will be your undoing America the longer you sit back too busy with you sports, reality tv and little worlds waiting for someone to come along the more power you hand over to the left. Your complacency is complicit with empowering the federal govt you will complain about to you secure circle of friends family etc. So remember that when you memorize sports stats and celebrity likes that you did this to the nation before you want to blame some politician.

Not to act is to act, not to speak is to speak.

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