Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MSDNC's Harris-Perry to People Who Lost Their 'Crappy' Coverage Under Obamacare 'Just Deal With That'

The scary thing about Melissa Harris-Perry, aside from being a propagandist for the imperial regime, she's teaching some of your children America! Progressives (aka patient communists) like Perry continue to claim Americans have affordable healthcare but I have yet to see them march out examples of people who are saving money and better off. I am sure there are a few but the majority of Americans have seen their premiums double if not triple and the same goes for their deductibles. There are countless stories daily of people losing their coverage and doctors the crap media refuses to cover. No instead they are busy pushing lies and deceit.

Since obamacare is so great so wonderful why aren't those who rammed it through owning it? Don't worry demoncrats since you won't own the worst piece of legislation in US history you forced onto the nation there are plenty of us who will make sure people know you "did that"!

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