Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Crist: I Left GOP Because of Their Racism

No Chuckles you left the GOP because of Marco Rubio. Then you couldn't win as an independent so you jumped again thinking you could get win as a democrat. Citing Jeb Bush isn't going to help you either since no conservative will ever back that progressive. We the people are dialed in to all of you progressives, regardless of what letter you put next to your name it will always start with a "P-". Joining the democrat party suits you now as a lair and race hustler!

Crist is a perfect example of how pathetic and desperate low-level progs can be. The elitist mindset thinks they have a right to be in office no matter what party they represent. They all share the same talking points so they're easy to point out. Racism is number one on their list to gain uninformed voter support. Call out your opposition as racists without a shred of proof, bash and demonize them to know end. Hmm I seem to remember someone writing about this tactic... who was it? Oh yea that guy who dedicated his book to Satan, Saul Alinsky! The only reason the GOP is unfriendly towards obama is because of his policies. Progressives always seem to forget who voted for obama in 2008 & 12. They always make a point to say blacks and hispanics are a very small minority in the US, fine that said the only way obama could get elected is through white voters. So this nation is so racist it elected obama twice! Yep makes total sense Charlie.

Thank you though for showing your "true soul" by hopping over to the democrats. Now FL voters and the nation knows the opportunist you are who will pull an Arlen Specter to stay in the game throwing your values and integrity to the four winds in the name of political power!

Florida voters don't you dare make this monster governor!

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