Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Major Insurance Companies Agree Obamacare Will Not Reduce Premiums & Website Still Not Fixed

So who is the liar? The evil insurance companies COMPLYING with the law of the land or obama and his minions on the benefits of obamacare and the status of the website?! I'm sure we can expect Dingy Reid to come out and claim these men are all liars like the countless Americans who told horror story lies. You know the journalistic hit men of the left will be out in force with their stories about how these companies are the reason why premiums are not going down as promised by the regime. The left will blame the insurers as much as they have blamed the GOP for the law & website failures.

The biggest act of fraud has been committed against the people and no one is taking any legal action against it. People instead want to fight this provision and that provision within it. If you or I were to commit fraud to sell a product we would be facing a lawsuit and possible jail time, yet the president and those in Congress who support and pushed obamacare on the nation live the high life! Why hasnt anyone brought a class action lawsuit of the People vs the United States for fraud? We were lied to and just have to deal with it because thats how it works is unacceptable!

There is no justice in our post-Constitutional Republic...

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