Saturday, November 15, 2014

Judge Pirro Blasts Gruber & Obama Admin: They Think You Are Stupid

Judge Pirro as anticipated took the obama admin and Jonathan Gruber to the woodshed for lying about barackobamacare… or hold I say barackobamaTAX!

It was quite entertaining to watch the Judge methodically pick Gruber and the regime apart for the lies they told. She threw her legal knowledge in that not only is this a clear act of fraud but all involved are co-conspirators.

Gruber will maintain the lie he only visited the WH on two occasions but as you can see it was more than twice!

ObamaTAX is nothing but redistribution of wealth and luckily for the regime it was enacted just as we approach his majesty passing amnesty. Illegals will no doubt benefit from obamaTAX at your expense America. What will you do when wait times double to see the already low number of available doctors and nurses. Are you getting a better picture as to why I label all of us second class citizens?

Pirro’s opening statement would be complete without her taking a shot at Nancy Pelosi who was caught red-handed lying about knowing Gruber. Here’s the deal with her, she is either lying or has memory loss issues. That said Pelosi should be removed for being a willful participant/ conspiracist to the fraud committed against Americans or removed for being mentally incompetent!

Whether its obamacare or amnesty this admin is constantly treating the people like we are stupid and they know what’s best. When are the people going to wake up and send a message that it’s over? Hell why do you think the emperor is pushing amnesty? He and his ilk know the people on both sides of the aisle are onto what the elites are doing to all of us. This is why both faces of the progressive beast want illegals here, they need to tap that new pool of voters since we, the soon to be second class citizens, are not falling for their lies! Obamacare provides the framework and structure for the transfer of wealth, but it wasn’t entirely to be from rich Americans to poor Americans! No, no this redistribution of wealth is designed to give from ALL Americans to illegal aliens!

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