Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Father Blast Govt Policies After Son Was Killed By Criminal Illegal Alien

You have to feel for Jamiel Shaw Sr sounds like his son was a good kid who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is abundantly clear barack milhous benito hussein obama's radical immigration policies are to blame. Sorry libs don't care about what his predecessors have done, obama's actions now in the present time dwarfs all of them... combined! Obama has put illegal aliens, many who are outright dangerous, ahead of Americans. You would have to be insane to think it is a good idea to release an illegal alien from jail for his 3rd gun charge with violent gang history.

Jamiel Shaw Sr should call out obama directly to explain why he insists to prioritize illegal aliens over Americans vs speaking in front of Congress and on Fox. Obama should have to face the families and victims of illegal aliens he has made into first class citizens. Why are criminal illegal aliens being released back into the US population? Better question why are US taxpayers footing the bill to house, feed, cloth, medicate illegal alien criminals in the first place, shouldn't they be deported? How many criminals (outside of the very crime of entering the US) have entered the US no thanks to obama ringing the amnesty bell? How many of these monsters have been set loose from jail 2-3+ times like the one who killed Shaw's son?

We can ask plenty of questions like this but where is the real problem? Congress. Yes the immigration system is broken because Congress and obama broke it! If we had real leadership who would stand on principle, uphold the law etc we wouldn't have half the problems we have. Congress in its ineptitude allows obama to bring a nightmare to parents like Mr Shaw. These govt policies will continue to get sons, daughters etc killed by criminal illegal aliens because the power elite in DC just don't care.

Oh and Eric Holder sounds like we have a hate crime here where were you?

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