Thursday, February 26, 2015

Obama Plans to Ban AR-15 Ammo Via Executive Order

I warned you this was coming America. I made it clear obama would not directly go after the Second Amendment but use a back door to disarm the people using taxes, regulations etc. Panic buying has already begun where in some places prices have doubled on this one type of .223 ammo while the others remain at high prices or list as out of stock as a result of previous 2A assaults by gun grabbers.

This move to use executive orders to ban M855 rounds ("armor piercing" which have been around for 30 years) will be the foot in the door for future ammo bans. Once the govt takes an inch they go for a mile because they can... because we allow them. From obama down to local politician there is zero level of fear. This govt does not fear the American people anymore and they will continue to take our freedoms away as 3 unelected regulators did with net neutrality.

There are several petitions and pre-formatted letters out for people to sign against this ban but you should know when it comes to our rights this govt and obama couldn't careless. They laugh at petitions and all the other tactics used; that landslide in Nov wasn't a wake up call either. What should we do? STR produced 21 Tactics to engage the left and politicians you have chosen to ignore. Your only other option is to watch what your leftists adversaries do and start copying them or you can sit and bitch with your signs, making phone calls and sending letters. If this past week doesn't tell you its time to literally get in the ruling elites faces then what is?

We have one option left to stop this out of control govt which is an Article V Convention of the States. Let's be clear this call spearheaded by Mark Levin and others doesn't mean "we" sit around to set up meetings to have meetings about when to talk about making it happen. The wheels for Article V need to be put in motion NOW we are just about out of time.

There is another option but those in brass have no honor to live up to the oath they swore to God, Country and the Constitution. They have demonstrated their loyalty is to man and govt...

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