Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Rep Gutierrez Warns of Unprecedented Immigrant 'Militancy' After Anti-Amnesty Ruling

What is this lunatic ranting about? The hispanic community is going to get militant against republicans because of this court ruling and the peoples will for the RULE OF LAW to be followed!? This one judge did his job, citing obama for breaking the law but leave it up to this certified SOCIALIST (if not closet communist) to amp up the uninformed class to think otherwise. For the record Luis is not issuing a warning to the GOP but putting out a call to action for the left. He wants his minions to get out there lie to the uninformed class to get militant via voter registration(expect a lot of fraud), raising donations to blow out GOP candidates in 2016 but he also means aggressive/ intrusive protesting we've seen in the past.

It would be nice if conservatives with the voice, reach and financial backing would retool their messaging and educate those Rep Gutierrez, Sen Schumer, Rep Pelosi, Sharpton, obama and the rest of the progressive criminals LIE to 24/7! Many of you with the reach are preaching to the choir at this point!

It would be nice for someone to explain to hispanics, who would get militant (no thanks to Rep Gutierrez amping them up), that obama violated the Separation of Powers by making law. The President cannot make law, this is delegated by the Constitution for Congress to do. Do you think the people this clown Gutierrez panders to knows this? Of course not, because for whatever reason the right never steps onto the lefts turf to say "hey your guy isn't being honest with you, here is the indisputable proof".

Make no mistake about it if any trouble follows this US District Court ruling Rep Luis Gutierrez will have played a large role. FYI he has been going around the country "helping" illegals get all their papers together for obamnesty. Do you think he will just let this all go and not fight for it? This is about money and a shift in power via a new voting block composed of illegals. There is no way the left is going to accept the ruling, expect a lot of intimidation and scare tactics to come soon.

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