Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sen Thune Slams FCC Ahead of Net Neutrality Vote

America do you understand what is coming? Freedom of speech on the internet is in danger if the FCC passes net neutrality. No it won't happen overnight nothing does in DC. Bad things happen slowly, subtlety over period of time after a power grab like this until one day you wake up to see blasting dirtbag politicians or saying whatever is on your mind on your blog or facebook wall that is "hot" could very well be deemed illegal. You know obamacare is horrible under govt control so just imagine how it will be with the govt in control of the internet!

Sen Thune here slams the FCC on its Net Neutrality vote but what else is he doing to stop it? Why is it he and others in Congress are not doing anything to put the stop on regulatory agencies like the FCC from infringing on our rights? Thune points out what this FCC does could be overturned by a future new FCC chairman but we've heard this song before!

All the debates we are having over ISIS, gun rights, amnesty, obamacare, funding this and that, whether obama loves America etc could all be silenced in just a few years.

Why aren't you warning your friends, family, co-workers left or right about how this govt, under the FCC an unelected group of individuals, wants to take control over the internet to more or less control free speech? What will it take to get people off their asses to stop making excuses and get active? Will you care when your ISP (internet service provider) raises their prices? When broadband speeds drop and you can't download whatever it is you watch online be enough to do or say something? Will you care when your comment on a given topic is removed and you are issued a warning over harsh speech? Oh you do know if it takes all of those listed above to get active and demand NO on Net Neutrality it's too late right!

That's the problem with you America, you are re-active instead of pro-active. Go ahead go back to your cat videos, silly memes, ball game and shopping... just don't bitch when the hammer comes down!

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