Thursday, March 19, 2015

FCC Chief Visibly Shaken When Asked About Secret White House Meetings

FCC Chief Wheeler didn't like being called out by Rep Bill Johnson on the secret meetings he had with the White House on Net Neutrality. Just watch this guy he is in such a panic it's abundantly clear he got his orders from the imperial emperor or more than likely Sub-President Jarrett!

Why did Wheeler scrap his plan and go with the new one that no one was allowed to see? One can only imagine how much power was taken by the FCC under Net Neutrality. The don Soros must be pretty happy along with the other radicals who pushed for this to happen. Tax hikes are already expected and it won't be surprising if in a few years political websites are heavily censored if not shutdown by this unelected regulator.

DC needs to be completely gutted top to bottom before we are all silenced living in fear of being a thought criminal for posting our opinion online!

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