Tuesday, March 17, 2015

State Dept Psaki: We Do Not Have Any Record of Sec Clinton Signing OF-109 Separation Agreement

The State Depts Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki "comes clean" today that Hillary Clinton DID NOT sign the OF-109 Separation Agreement! Of course she put a buffer in saying her "immediate" predecessor (Condoleezza Rice) didn't sign one either. So you know what that means? Yes, the blame Bush card is pulled, where in this case since the Bush admin's Sec of State didn't sign an OF-109 then it's ok for Hillary not to have signed one either!

Everything with this corrupt administration is cold and calculated to always pass blame or make excuses by blaming Bush.

So what does this mean for Hillary? Nothing, even with all the legal experts weighing in comparing what she did to Gen Petraeus. She is a Clinton and they always weasel their way out of legal trouble.

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