Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Muslim-American Olympian Trashes Trump, White-Working Class Voters With CNN Anchor's Help

What do they call this in court? Leading the witness! CNN's Carol Costello had a nice line of questions for Muslim-American Olympian, Ibtihaj Muhammad, to go after Trump and white working class voters. This is a clear example why the American people do not like, let alone trust the alt-left media.

Not sure what this Olympian is whining about with all these claims that as a woman/ minority she's subjected to racism and bigotry. If this is the case why isn't she and others speaking out more? If Ibtihaj Muhammad is a victim of racism and bigotry surely there were witnesses when the acts occurred? Why haven't any witnesses stepped forward to corroborate her claims? Why is it those who claim they are victims of racism and bigotry always run to the alt-left with no proof.. "I was harassed because I'm a muslim-American" okay prove it. Don't doubt it happens but, not at the level or frequency victims claim. The left is salivating for stories of racism and acts of bigotry, unfortunately we have a deceitful media, who cooks up fake news all the time to attack republicans, conservatives and TEA Party activists. 99% of the time such claims are proven wrong thus the justified charge of fake news.

Running to CNN isn't going to help this Olympian or others in her position. If she has a legit claim, sorry to say in this day and age she needs proof, if not witnesses! Seeking out help from honest media network wouldn't hurt either. Why is she talking to CNN and not Fox, The Blaze etc? This type of story coming from alt-left CNN is like crying wolf.

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