Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Revolutionary Black Panthers Stage Armed March 'Free Us or You Die Cracka'

'F-Donald Trump', 'F-the POLICE' 'F-the PIGS' Such a peaceful club aren't they!?

Where are all the whiny anti-gun libs at? If this had been TEA Party, conservatives or some pro-Second Amendment group marching with weapons saying they want to kill people liberals would be all over it screaming bloody murder, demanding gun confiscations. BUT because this is the Black Panthers P U S S Y cats no one says a word!

Looking forward to the day when these little militant punks get crushed. Hey P U S S Y cats, I mean Panthers why are you in the US? Why don't you leave this horrible, racist, oppressive country!? We all know know why you won't...because you know you could NEVER get away with what you do and say in any other country. Hell some countries would have literally put you down by now! That's why you're P U S S Y cats! You talk tough, carry around your guns you couldn't hit the side of a barn with, but in reality you're all nothing but a bunch of cowards who terrorize neighborhoods and innocent people defending CRIMINALS who deserved what they got when they chose to fight the law!

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