Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rush: Obama's Gonna Create Unrest and Disunity

You can bank on this predication from Rush coming true. The crap fake news media is going to have a last minute open-door policy for obama anytime he wants to come on air and complain about Trump. Hell, they'll probably have reporters within close proximity of the marxist/ closet communist to get his two cents on every action Trump takes, especially when he starts revoking all of lil barry's executive actions & orders.

Keep in mind over the last 8 years obama has met and established relationships with radicals and revolutionaries, maintaining his role as a community organizer. As the nation has been burning from their lawlessness many times he or his acolytes have encouraged the troublemakers to hold their ground. IMO as a private citizen obama will become more dangerous than he was as POTUS! He will be able to freely meet and work with all the hate groups and organizations without worrying about his White House visitor meetings being blasted all over the net!

Does anyone believe obama WON'T rally his "troops" when Trump starts dismantling his "legacy"?! Heck no that SOB is going to be on the warpath with the media right behind him and dems in Congress looking for any excuse to impeach Trump! Maybe the fight we all though was coming during the last 8 years is really coming in the next 4-8?!

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