Monday, January 16, 2017

Tucker Carlson Destroys DNC Chair Candidate Jehmu Greene

The only reason one can think why Tucker had DNC Chair candidate Jehmu Greene on was to show how insane, desperate and still clueless the dem party has become. This woman, like the majority on the left, is a closet communist who believes govt is the answer to everything. If you can stomach listening to her, divisiveness and smirky comments, you can see why she and the party still haven't figured out why they they lost the election. Greene also has deep-seated racism flowing through her, as almost everything she spews revolves around race, calling out "white supremacy" etc, so much so Tucker even pointed that out!

Whether it's Keith Ellison or Jehmu Greene please by all means democrats make one of them your new party chair. Put one of these radical leftist, racists in charge of your party so the whole world can see you all for what you are. Conservatives, TEA Party activists and republicans are already counting the days down to the midterms to take those remaining Congressional, state and governor seats!

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