Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dem Rep: Left-Wing Groups Are Organizing Town Hall Protests (Vid)

Almost in the same breath CA dem Rep Ted Lieu (LIEu) says the town hall protests against repub congressmen are organic, then he volunteers there are groups organizing them! The Congressman can't even answer a question honestly when we know Soros is bank rolling countless leftist groups including the Women's March after Pres Trump's inauguration. There was nothing organic about that, where multiple cities and tens of thousands of people were participating etc etc. Something like that on such a wide scale doesn't happen organically, esp when you need permits and have to set up Port-a-Potties!

Obama's OFA is gearing up for major action as well with professionally trained, hardcore, Alinskyite commies to protest and intimidate opposition.

No doubt leftist handlers are holding training sessions for their mindless army to attend these town hall events. The left is using the same playbook they've been using, only difference is the intensity is higher. These people are more agitated and volatile, violence will start soon, most likely around March 1st!

If you don't know, the left is preparing for a major push driven by Anonymous and others who have demanded Pres Trump to resign by Feb 28th! If not they will take to the streets in a multi-city/ multi-layered operation and supposedly "Occupy" Pennsylvania Ave.

There is NOTHING organic about anything the left does. These people are the most dangerous, vile, unhinged, anti-Americans ever seen, since this country's founding.

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