Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sheriff Clarke Calls For Sanctuary State Officials to be Arrested

Sheriff David Clarke used his time to speak at a CPAC forum to address the lawlessness we're witnessing by many states and cities whose officials believe they're above the law. He made it clear that while these states are not obligated to enforce federal laws, it doesn't mean they're exempt from complying with said laws. (Judge Napolitano explained a SCOTUS on this issue here)

Clarke is correct, the Pres has done nothing that is wrong or illegal with his executive Orders. The left is unhinged over his EO's that simply invoke existing immigration law. The Sheriff read off 8 US Code § 1324 that makes it clear anyone harboring illegals aka sanctuary cities/ states, colleges/ universities etc is breaking the law.

His closing is exactly what this site has been calling for to affect change; arrest sanctuary city/state governors, mayors, law enforcement officials, etc, who ignore our immigration laws, to make them an example to the others and this nonsense will end quickly. They can try to fight it in the court, but if you go by the book, by what the law says they have no defense.

This is what Atty Gen Sessions must do to put a stop to this lawlessness we're witnessing by radicals leftists, many obama loyalists, running these states and cities. He must make a clear public statement outlining the law(s), as Clarke, send written warnings to all state govts and LE agencies to comply within a 60-90 days or arrests will be made. To squash any chance of someone being made out to be a martyr, he must have language making it clear those who aid and harbor illegals are criminals who are putting citizens security, which Clarke touched on, in jeopardy.

It's time to stop talking about the rule of law and start enforcing it. Liberals have been running above the law for far too long.

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