Monday, March 20, 2017

FBI Dir Confirms Investigation Into Trump Campaign & Russian Officials, Refuses to Answer About Obama Spying on Trump

Before the election we knew there was an investigation because the media said so. They were more or less cheering for it in the hopes it would bring down the Trump candidacy. Fast forward a few months Pres Trump tweets out he was under investigation under obama and the media denied it. They said there was no investigation into Trump. Comey today confirms what we have known, what Mark Levin pointed out, that the Trump campaign was/ is under investigation and going a step further refuses to answer whether obama was in fact spying on Pres Trump!

Now will the democrat controlled media take ownership of what they have said and then denied reporting or will they call Comet a liar?

Dems are quite selective when it comes to FBI Dir Comey, they hated him when he said Clinton was under investigation, then praised him when the bureau "cleared" Hillary but hate him when they said no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Democrats seem to be all over the place. It just goes to show how unhinged and dangerous these people really are, but one thing is clear Trump and his campaign were/ are under investigation during the obama admin!

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