Friday, March 24, 2017

Sorry Dems Today Was a Victory For Pres Trump, You Own Obamacare

Thanks to a handful of conservatives, rebels really, there wasn't enough votes to bring obamacare lite to the House floor for a vote. The democrats like clockwork ran to the cameras and social media claiming victory. They seem to forget the temper tantrums they've been throwing for the last couple of weeks let alone 24-48 hours defending obamacare. Fmr pres obama and hillary clinton chimed in as well, all of which are taking full ownership of this law NO ONE asked for.

Democrats are on official record now claiming obamacare is a wonderful bill, a savior to mankind and overwhelmingly successful. As Pres Trump stated clearly it will stay in force until it collapses. Democrats had their chance to chime in with the GOPe's horrible bill to possibly produce something workable, but instead chose to stay on the sidelines. That's great because they helped prove conservatives point how bad it all really is while also providing ammo for the midterm elections and 2020 general election! That's right! The threat of republicans losing in the midterms just took a nosedive after today. Democrats should have jumped on board with this bill with so many republican and conservative voters opposed to it because it would have meant primary challenges. And dems it also means your dream to impeach Trump, for breathing at this point, are nothing but dreams now!

You all fell for it, you now completely and totally OWN obamacare. You had a chance to transfer ownership and pin it on republicans but blew it! Thank you!

So by all means continue to run to MSNBC, CNN and the networks about how awesome your bill is, when it collapses there will be no question who is responsible.

Trump wins... AGAIN!

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