Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Nancy Pelosi: White House 'Cooked Up' Susan Rice Unmasking Intel

Only Nancy Pelosi would make such an outlandish statement to cover for the illegal activity committed by the obama administration. Hey Nanzi no one told Susan Rice to go on PBS a week ago denying the unmasking only to contradict herself on MSNBC yesterday! Please explain to all of us idiots how the White House cooked that up? Democrat Rep Adam Schiff has gone silent ever since he viewed the intel, does that mean he's in on this too? Is Nancy implicating one of her own in a conspiracy to doctor records and documents to do what exactly?

Ya see America this is what happens when radical dangerous leftists are cornered, they make things up. Pelosi is hoping to plant seeds of doubt so anything revealed will be dismissed. She and the dems said there was no spying on Trump, now we have proof from multiple sources there was. They then step in and say it was legal and incidental but because the obama regime is now in the cross-hairs, Trump's WH made it all up!

I think it's time to investigate Nancy Pelosi! Let's first start with a psych evaluation, a look at all her financials(bc she got awfully rich in Congress (besides what her husband makes)) and last but not least who in Russia has Pelosi been talking to!

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