Saturday, April 15, 2017

NBC Pushed Fake News The US Was Planning Preemptive Strike on North Korea

No thanks to NBC "News", war could have broken out over their desire to "report" the US was planning a preemptive strike on North Korea if they tested a nuclear weapon. It's not wise to make such a claim against a rogue nation with a completely unhinged lunatic child running it. A child dictator mind you who has delusions of grandeur that his nation, in possession of approx 8 nuclear weapons, would win a war against the US.

NBC, and all the fake news media at this point, are what will be referred to as "News Entertainment". In the wrestling world the WWE and other brands have more or less accepted and acknowledged they are fake, to where they ID as Sports Entertainment. This isn't a knock on wrestlers who are true athletes. These people get beat up 1-2 times a week, year round, but we know what they do is highly choreographed. Hell if they did some of the things they do in the ring for real people would be dead! The same applies to the news media, they're fake as fake could ever be, like wrestling. They report news but put their spin on it to boost ratings, clicks and views regardless of the consequences. What's worse, they know it and don't care.... even if they start war! What they push is entertainment for the progressives behind the scenes putting American against American and America against the world!

Never take anything that comes out of the media, especially NBC News, as fact (not that most of you do). When you see a report like the one they claimed, about a preemptive strike, you want to assume it's legit because of what's going on. No matter how legit is sounds we know better and must treat it like entertainment until it can be verified from multiple sources! It sucks we have to double, if not triple, verify but that is they world we live in today. The media are no longer the 4th Estate with the people's best interests in mind. The media has become the 5th Column for the democrat party and progressive movement. Obama is gone, but his desire to fundamentally transform the USA remains by his acolytes in DC and on the networks!

Back to North Korea... this country is about the size of Pennsylvania and to be crystal clear they haven't been in a war, let alone fight, since the 1950's. Crazy Fat Kid's "battle ready army" would cut and run the moment bullets start flying in their direction. They would not win a war against the US.

US troops are battle hardened more than people realize. For over a decade they've been restricted in their rules of engagement, but now under the Trump admin the beast can be fully unleashed as we've seen in Syria and Afghanistan. Trump has given his generals the green light to do whatever they need to do to win. That boys and girls is why the MOAB was deployed in Afghanistan! We can safely assume the same will be so for our troops in combat, so the NorKs better watch out!

As stated a few days ago, NO, I’m not concerned at all about a NK strike. That’s not entirely true, I’m concerned when/ if the Crazy Fat Kid orders a strike the US will take out said ICBM revealing a new weapon system. A weapon system that was intended to defeat a Russian first strike which will be prematurely “let out of the bag” because China couldn’t control their “pet” in North Korea. I’m concerned that if this does in fact happen it will start another arms race between the US and Russia. I’m concerned we will see stealth weapons, missiles, using the same tech (if not better) that aircraft use, becoming untraceable after launch.

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