Thursday, April 6, 2017

No Sorry Dems and Media, the GOP DID NOT Change the Senate Rules

The leftist media and democrats of course are all crying, whining and complaining that the "GOP has changed the Senate rules" to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed. They seem to have a short memory, conveniently forgetting it was HARRY REID who changed the Senate rules in 2013 for a simple majority vote, aka invoking Nuclear Option aka Reid Rule!

Here's a tweet from Reid taking a victory lap...

Today, GOP has simply invoked rules the democrat majority put in place, so how could they have changed it?

Oh and let's not forget the Biden Rule of 1992...

...where democrats agreed, should a Supreme Court vacancy open in an election year it should not be filled until the presidential election is over. In other words let the next POTUS pick the next SCOTUS judge.

Now for those with really short memories here's fmr dem VP candidate Sen Tim Kaine making it clear they [dems & Clinton admin, had they won] would change the rules to get a candidate through, "we will change the Senate rules to uphold the law".

You see America it's fine to have these "rules" in place when democrats are in power, but moment they lose their power the GOP is evil, lawless, corrupt, illegitimate where dems want to invoke anarchy! These people are unhinged and dangerous. They probably won't respect or acknowledge any of the rulings from SCOTUS with Gorsuch either. They will call the court/ rulings illegitimate, just as they call Trump's presidency.

The longer dems/ libs are put in a corner, ignored, berated and walked over the more likely they will intensify attacks and rhetoric. When dems/libs have nothing left to stand on they turn extremely violent, so be on guard!

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