Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tensions Rise With N Korea as Top Navy Officer Warns "Worst I've Seen"

The media is a buzz as tension grows with North Korea after a demonstration of their military power and the release of a video vowing to destroy America.

Adm Harry B. Harris Jr, Commander of US Pacific Command, told Congress "I think the crisis on the Korean Peninsula is the.. is real, is the worst I've seen. I'm not a student of the Cuban Missile Crisis, but what I know of it, it seems that we are faced with a threat and a leader who is intent on achieving his goal.. of a nuclear capability against the United States."

The Adm did point out the NorKs do not possess the weapon systems needed to sink a carrier, after the Crazy Fat Kid threatened to sink the USS Vinson.

While we enjoy making fun of Kim Jong-un (KJU) calling him Crazy Fat Kid, a lunatic etc we need to be careful and understand he believes in everything he is doing. He is as this expert suggests quite shrewd...

All that said, here's the one thing you won't hear anyone pointing out, except this site. People, listen closely...

The Crazy Fat Kid has a lot of guns and bullets, an army of over a million, artillery guns, missiles and rockets etc (thanks to China & Russia) but what he doesn't have is a seasoned EXPERIENCED military. His "generals" parade around with a chest of medals, but what war were they in to earn those medals? The older ones probably served at the tail end of the Korean War, but they probably didn't see much action. KJU purged many military leaders when he took over, so the combat instinct, knowledge and experience from the old timers is gone. The majority of the KJU's "fierce" military have never... N E V E R seen 1 day.. 1 hour of actual combat. Now there are stories that Korean military instructors shoot at trainees, and small explosive charges go off on obstacle courses and the like, but nothing is aimed at trainees with the intent to kill them. They have been desensitized, for the noises and commotion of battle but nothing has been done to curb fear. You can have all the training in the world you're never ready for the real thing until it happens.

When/ if the bullets start flying between the NorKs and the US, you can be sure a good number of these "fierce soldiers" will cut and run or stay and die on the battlefield. If they wanted a real war with the US they wouldn't be threatening South Korea or Japan where there is only a handful of American warriors. They're picking a fight with what they perceive is a smaller force that Crazy Fat Kid thinks he can destroy. That's okay though, our handful of troops can rack up more kills than any military in the world. While people have their opinions about the US going into Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and parts unknown one thing is clear, our troops are battle hardened. They don't flinch when bullets are coming down range, and more importantly they do not have pacifists in leadership restricting their rules of engagement anymore as they did for 8+ years.

Does anyone really think Pres Trump wants to get into a ground war? Of course not, if compelled he will use the full might of the United States Air Force and naval powers. The NorKs for all intents and purposes have no real air force. American air power dominates the skies, where a few B2 bombers could easily fly in, drop their payload and be home for cornflakes. "We" just demonstrated the ability to hit multiple targets with 60 tomahawks missiles at the same exact time. Artillery, rocket and missile batteries along the DMZ would not be a problem if the full might of the weapon systems the US possesses was utilized. Keep in mind we're talking about a country that is the size of Pennsylvania.

As for the threat of a long range missile (ICBM) being launched, no concern there either. Well no I'm wrong as I've stated in the past. I'm more concerned about a weapon system designed to stop a real threat to America, say a Russian or Chinese first strike, being revealed to the world over a false alarm. For such a system being revealed to stop whatever is fired by the NorKs would surely create a new arms race vs a shock an awe moment to stopping world war. What system am I talking about? I dunno, what I do know is all kinds of weapon and counter-weapon systems are in constant development. We have no idea whats in orbit around the Earth. Yes, Reagan faked out the Russians with Strategic Defense Initiative ((SDI) aka "Star Wars")), but who is to say that myth didn't become a reality!?

Then there is the railgun. It's not a secret, the system exists and has been successful to date in lab tests. Who is to say such a weapon hasn't been deployed right now for live fire/ real world testing?

Anything is possible in this day and age, but the one thing people need to take from this is we'll be okay. We have the greatest military in the world with leadership prepared to use the weapons in our arsenal previous leaders feared using.

Counter Rocket Artillery & Mortar system (C-RAM)

More vids of US military firepower here

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