Monday, April 17, 2017

UC Davis Student Senate Votes to Ban Flag From Meetings

Liberals controlling every part of the CA have turned schools and colleges into indoctrination camps spreading their anti-American agenda on students. Their influence on young Americans is so strong the student senate at UC Davis voted to remove the very symbol of freedom that allows them to act like complete and total jackasses.

Parents get your kids out of these indoctrination camps. The need for a college degree no longer holds water unless they are seeking a career that requires higher learning, i.e. doctor lawyer, engineer, scientist, etc.

Republicans, conservatives and the like will never hold power in CA, the state that gave America Ronald Reagan, ever again. Eventually the handful of CA republicans in the House will be voted out as well. This is what happens when you allow one party rule because the opposing side is too afraid to speak out and now on its way to extinction...

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