Friday, May 12, 2017

Dem Rep Nadler Claims Trump is Obstructing Justice

The conga line of hardcore leftists concocting crimes and potential impeachable offenses by Pres Trump is never-ending. Rep Jerry Nadler thinks that because Pres Trump fired Jim Comey it has opened the door to go after Trump for obstruction of justice. Just because Comey is gone doesn't mean investigations stop, acting FBI dir McCabe made it clear it's business as usual at the FBI. Investigations while Comey was Director are still ongoing and Trump himself wants answers. How can there be obstruction of justice to an investigation if it is still ongoing Jerry? That should have been the follow up question, IF we still had an honest media. Instead what we now have is not the Fourth Estate but the Fifth Column.

This is all fake news by the news entertainment industry to propagate lies they created of collusion between Trump and Russia. The democrat party and news entertainment media are hell-bent on destroying Trump at any cost. These people are enemies to the Republic and should be treated as such by the American people.

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