Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dems Attack Over Trump Firing FBI Director Comey

With the announcement of FBI Director Jim Comey being fired, the left, headed by Chuck Schumer, is coming out of the woodwork attacking the decision and piling on to their Russian collusion conspiracy theory. Mind you these are the same people who wanted Comey gone last year that are now upset!

Let's make one thing clear, Donald Trump did what Barack HUSSEIN Obama FAILED to do, he fired Comey. People have been calling for his head for well over a year. He set unindicted felon Hillary Clinton loose. He did nothing to reign in the crimes she and her staff committed, putting national security in danger. IMO after Comey's recent Senate hearing appearance, refusing to answer questions, and again admitting wrong doing by Clinton aides etc but taking no action enough was enough with this guy and he was cut loose.

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