Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Expert Warns Threat of N Korean EMP Attack Very High, "Satellites Should Be Shot Down"

Dr. Peter Pry, the Executive Director for the Task Force on National and Homeland Security Chief of Staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, is warning of a potential EMP attack by the North Koreans. Pry is so concerned about the threat he recommends the NorKs "satellites should be shot down"!

Anyone who shrugs their shoulders to this warning is delusional and living in denial. The NorKs have the technology right now to pull off such an attack against the US. Those failed missile tests are failures by whose standards? The missiles reach apogee and "fail", that in the eyes of experts is not a failure but serious warning the NorKs (and Iranians for that matter) are testing for an EMP attack. They have limited supply of nuclear material, so they must get the most bang for their buck where an EMP will deliver such a result. More people will die from an EMP attack vs a conventional nuclear weapon. The NorKs and Iranians are all about bodycount, and know they must hit the US hard in a first strike because our retaliation will obliterate them.

If Americas power grid is taken out, as Pry explains, it will leave the US without power for 6mos to a year plus without power. Massive "starvation, disease, societal collapse," and civil unrest will follow because this country is not preparing for such an attack(from a rogue nation OR even a solar event). The transformers that would need to be replaced are not, say it again ARE NOT made in America. Currently, Germany and South Korea are the two countries who supply this equipment which currently takes 6mos to deliver!

Aside from not having power and food shortages that would result in mass starvation, rioting etc, there is another problem no one is addressing, the US would be left wide open for an invasion! Didn't think about that did you!? The US military would be crippled incapable of deploying forces adequately to repel an invasion. Pry points out they are prepared for conventional EMP from a nuclear attack but not a Super EMP. All that tech and hardware would become useless if not protected.

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