Monday, May 22, 2017

Suicide Bomber Leaves 19 Dead, 50 Injured at Ariana Granda Concert in UK

As of now 19 concert goers are dead, approx 50 are injured...

It's being reported a suicide bomber detonated an IED/ nail bomb outside the Manchester arena in the foyer as people were exiting after Ariana Grande's concert had ended. Granted attendees were of all ages but the most disturbing, troubling aspect of this attack is Ariana's fans are mostly young and teen girls. The terrorist(s) would have clearly known this, so they have now crossed another line, a new low, by targeting children!

It is time for islamic radicals to be hunted down and killed. To hell with capturing these monsters to extract little intel and plans that will be aborted by their comrades. Pres Trump, Sec of Defense Mattis need to unleash the full might of the US military globally, along with DHS Sec Kelly to ensure America and our allies security. The rules of engagement have to be rescinded allowing our warriors to do their damn job and what they're trained to do....


This is allegedly an ISIS fighter taking credit for todays attack..

The SOBs are promising more attacks too: (Twitter of course terminated this acct shortly after)

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