Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Watch Tucker Sit Back Allowing Krystal Ball to Embarrass Herself With Crazy Reasons to Impeach Trump

Tucker and former Dem congressional candidate Krystal Ball tangle over the left's 'hystericai,' perhaps premature, calls for Trump's impeachment over alleged obstruction of justice in the Mike Flynn case

This segment is entertaining to say the least. Krystal Ball, representing the rabid left, demonstrates she (like all dems) has absolutely no clue what she is talking about, jumping from one gripe to another, that makes Tucker break out laughing.

The left rants daily about about the Trump-Russian connection, where to this day they have not produced one shred of evidence. They scream for impeachment after every legal action Pres Trump has taken, including sharing intel (laptop plot) with Russia that the media (ALL of them) had already covered back in March!! For the record it was the New York Times who revealed Israel was the intel source not Trump that Ball conveniently leaves out!

At no time during this entire interview did Ball produce any solid indisputable facts or evidence for her argument. Instead she tells Tucker "we" have news media that have "reported" on issues so that's what makes them fact! News mind you based on anonymous sources which we all know don't exist. Ball cites the Comey memos as proof as well to impeach the President. What memos? What is she talking about? NO ONE has seen these alleged memos and if anything the memos could very well land Comey in jail!! This dolt and that is what she is making this absurd statement based on nothing, along with the corrupt dem party and media have already convicted Trump with NO evidence of wrongdoing.

Frankly, we should encourage the left to push this narrative and move forward with impeaching Trump. They won't get the votes to pull it off and will most likely destroy whats left of the democ.. communist party.

As for Ball, it's mind-boggling how someone so spaced out has a job and folks like myself are unemployed!

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