Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fmr FBI Asst Dir Warns: 'Only a Matter of Time' Before Large Scale Terror Attack

Following the stabbing attack on a Flint, MI airport police officer former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom expressed concern over current methods in dealing with terror threats to the US. He warns it's "only a matter of time" until there is a large scale attack because of politically correct policies that have been enacted that prevent law enforcement from doing their jobs. We of course have the obama regime to thank for this after removing "islamic terrorists" from training manuals and materials. From the clear sense of frustration from the fmr dir these policies remain in force even though we have a new admin. One is left wondering why the remnants of the old regime that inhibit govt agencies from doing their job to protect the homeland are still in force!?

No one knows when we're going to get hit again, but we will, and many have been issuing the warning for years. While it may sound like the boy who cried wolf it's better to be prepared than wishing precautions and warnings were made. The attacks in Europe and this one in MI should be enough for Americans to stay alert. Terrorists can afford to miss, we can't.

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