Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sheila Jackson Lee Attacked Trump on House Floor

Just when you thought Sheila Jackson Lee was gone, out of the spotlight, she runs her mouth again on the House floor during debate prior to the Sanctuary City vote.

Lee isn't too bright when she said "I will vote for nothing until he [Trump] steps down". Why? That's one less vote the dems have against his agenda! Frankly, republicans, conservatives and TEA Party hope more democrats, in the House and Senate, join SJL by not voting on anything. She's so dumb pushing the whole #Resist movement not realizing not voting on anything hurts the dems!

Pres Trump isn't going anywhere. He is not going to resign or be impeached, so you democrats better accept the fact Hillary lost and there is NOTHING you can do about it. It's over, grow the hell up or maybe YOU SHOULD RESIGN because taxpayers are not okay with elected officials making 6+ figures a year attacking, insulting and threatening the President of the United States and now saying the will not do the job they were "hired" to do.

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