Thursday, July 13, 2017

Communist Bernie Sanders Calls on Supporters to "Stand Up and Fight Back"

The media and democrats have demanded the Right needs to take the rhetoric down, but for them no way it's business as usual. Here is a perfect example of how the Left has not stopped the violent rhetoric. Sen Bernie Sanders telling his supporters to "stand up and fight back" as he shills for NAACP Pres, Ben Jelous, who is running for Gov of Maryland. And no it's not childish, or immature to call Sanders a communist that is what he is.

Yea stand up and fight back just like Leftists have done at Berkeley! Oh lets not forget the one who went on a stabbing spree in Portland or the Alexandria assassin, who literally attempted to shift the balance of power in Congress. All of which happened just this year. Do we need to be reminded of all the other acts of violence committed by the left last year or two?

What do you think these people, who gave thunderous cheer when Sanders said to fight back, are going to do when lose again and again for this political revolution he is talking about; as they have been for some time now? These people are unhinged, violent and extremely dangerous. The only stand up and fight back they have ever known is to attack people and destroy everything in their path forcing their opposition to submit.... sounds a lot like radical islam doesn't it!?

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