Saturday, July 29, 2017

Congressman Calls For New Senate Majority Leader

Congressman Mo Brooks is calling for a new Senate Majority Leader following Mitch McConnell's failure to pass obamacare repeals.

"Quite frankly the problem that we're facing right now is because the United States Senate is dysfunctional. Let's get back to Mitch McConnell for a second - his job, his job as majority leader is to lead, come up with a plan that can cobble together the majority votes necessary to pass whatever the agenda item happens to be. Mitch McConnell failed at that and in my mind we need to give somebody else the opportunity.."

As I've said Mitch McConnell (and Paul Ryan) are a cancer to Pres Trump's agenda, which is really the people's agenda. The GOPe do not care about what the people want. Our interests are not their interests, frankly if healthcare was such a big deal to them, they wouldn't exclude themselves from obamacare AND would give us the same type of plan they have!

Coincidentally, Brooks is running a Second Amendment ad, in his bid for the Senate seat left open by Jeff Sessions, that is coming under fire from what do you know the establishment GOP. As he explains the ad is only being run in his district so how/ really why would anyone in DC care?! Well when you call for McConnell to go, youre seeing his handiwork at play, this is what Mitch does to anyone who shows any dissent towards him and the GOPe.

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