Monday, July 17, 2017

Dem Rep Keith Ellison Praises Cuba and Russia for Health Care Systems

Big shocker a DC progressive praises govt controlled health care. Have you seen all the people fighting to get over to Cuba and Russia for medical care said no one ever! As for Canada, they come to America for care when time is an issue and for lower drug costs. But hey let's thank Keith for being honest and a solid representation of the type of care democrats/ progressives (R's too) want for everyone. Why? Because govt controlled health care is people control. And who is the beneficiary of all that money the big corporations take in Keith? YOU GUYS IN DC!

America stand firm against any attempt of govt run health care. We never asked the govt to take control of our health care system. Obama and his crew of corrupt politicians seized control in the middle of the night Christmas Eve 2009. You see what's happening with Charlie Gard in the UK and the horrendous treatment of US veterans, that IS a clear example of why govt needs to stay out of it. These people can't run the DMV or AMTRAK, do you really want them deciding the kind of care you'll get?

The GOP has but one job, repeal obamacare. That's it, that's what they were elected to do. Hold their feet to the fire and warn them hell is coming for them if they take ownership of the worst piece of legislation in US history. They need to leave it to the free market to fix what it is wrong. Govt controlled health care is tyranny.

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