Thursday, July 27, 2017

MSNBC Makes Racist Remark Comparing Scaramucci to Mobster John Gotti

Behold the Left showing their hypocrisy when it comes to race. God forbid anyone says anything that can be remotely deemed racist towards blacks, hispanics, asians or other minorities, the Left goes nuts. If someone on the Right were to compare obama or one of his aides, that were black, to a black gangster you know all hell would break loose.

Search around the race archives on this site of all the times the race card has been pulled over the most stupid of reasons up to and including when Congressmen and Senators were granted time to give testimony during the Sessions confirmation hearings!

This comparison of Anthony Scaramucci to mobster John Gotti is offensive to Italians. Not all Italians like being compared to mobsters, greaseballs or any of the other stereotypes, which honestly are just as racist as those blacks find offensive. What is it with YOU PEOPLE always comparing Italians to mobsters and crooks? Your racist for making such comparisons. Maybe we, yes yours truly is Italian, should start having temper tantrums like minorities do when something derogatory is said about them? Maybe we need to stop laughing it up and put a little bit of fear back in people like it wuz in the good old days!? There was a time when people were fearful of speaking ill about Italians, so much so it was worked into the Rocky II movie/ script!

You jackwagons in the media cannot have it both ways. If anything you just demonstrated you are in fact racist towards those deemed "white" even though majority of Italians are dark skin, known for "olive skin", compared to other Mediterranean cultures and are Latin! Take your selective racism and shove it. Don't be surprised if some Italian groups come down on you for this, I'll make sure they see it just in case they missed it!

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