Friday, August 4, 2017

Maxine Waters Attacks Trump With Calls for Impeachment and Lawlessness Via Leaks

Maxine Waters Attacks Trump With Calls for Impeachment and Lawlessness Via Leaks

Maxine Waters is at it again as she made her rounds today, on the The View and Morning Joe, trashing POTUS, calling for his impeachment, and encouraging govt officials to break the law by continuing to leak information.

Waters is banking on special counsel Mueller producing evidence of collusion.... FYI America, while very bad politically, collusion IS NOT A CRIME! There are NO LAWS on the books with regards to collusion.

As you know the Left praises Ivy League schools, and it is from those institutions we have had Constitutional scholars (Dershowitz & Turley) who are liberal, state unequivocally there's no crime. Why this woman and her ilk continue to rant about it misleading people is unknown. Unless, they are looking to start a fight when nothing criminal, is found. Frankly the only Constitutional crisis that may arise is the act of sedition, rebellion by Congressional members to conspire... collude, to remove the President of the United States over cooked up charges!

Mueller knows the law, he's got nothing, which is why he is betting on leakers from within the FBI and has expanded his investigation into Trump's personal business prior to running for office!

With respect to Waters comments on leaks, it is a federal crime. She is encouraging govt employees/ staffers to break the law with the hopes of destroying the President of the United States. By encouraging leakers she is in fact aiding our enemies, which is treason (conspiracy to commit)! This is unheard of out of an elected official.

The Left is seditious at this point, colluding to pin a crime on Trump, which is something you see in a third world nation. The modern day confederacy, aka #TheResistance Waters is the de facto leader of, is dangerous. Do they really think 63M voters will allow them to pull this coup off? Let's assume they did remove Trump and then Pence (yea he's next)... does Waters and the Left truly believe 63,000,000 voters will be like "oh okay, you can take over"? Does Waters and #TheResistance actually believe if by some freak act of nature dems regain majority in Congress, impeach Trump then Pence, Americans will be okay with the Speaker of the House, who as of now would be Nancy Pelosi, being seated in the White House as POTUS?!!!

In all seriousness Maxine, no name calling or mocking of you as I've done in the past, you do understand you are messing with people who have been buying guns and ammo at record levels since 2009?

This IS a recipe for civil war.

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