Friday, August 4, 2017

Obama FBI/DOJ Colluded With the Media to Bury Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Story

Collusion, collusion, collusion! That's all we hear from democrats over Trump without a shred of evidence, but what about them! Turns out the obama regimes DOJ was actually colluding with the media to bury the Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting!

The ACLJ is onto to corrupt media and obama regime's deep state covering up what one can only conclude is a clear act of obstruction of justice. Sorry dems that is what Lynch did when she told Comey to not call the Clinton email scandal an investigation.

When you make FOIA requests where the first response is, "we got nothing", followed by a second response from a different agency that has the proof but blacks it all out you have the rats cornered! Donald Trump is President, he could request the unredacted emails, declassify them and hand them over to the ACLJ! Why this hasn't happened is beyond me.

The Left rants like rabid animals over Trump colluding with Russia with no proof yet get all the investigations they want, with the help of the media making a huge stink out of things. Clinton and Lynch have meeting but no investigation, no special counsel, nothing. This just shows how broken and divided this country is. We are truly at a heightened state of a COLD civil war that is rapidly heating up.

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