Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The View Host Says Jesus Cares More About Climate Change Than Abortion

There is so much wrong in this short clip from ABC's propaganda program The View:

#1 The republicans shouldn't set the tone for the country's morality but the democrats can!? The same democrat party who denied God 3 times at their convention in 2012, who embraces killing of babies.. clumps of cells, encourages promiscuity, drug use, general defiance of authority has better morals than the republicans!? Democrats for the most part HATE religion. These are the same people who throw fits if you even mention God; have you forgotten about their war on Christmas!?

#2 How dare anyone on this anti-God hack show invoke Jesus because see #1. Jesus cares far more about babies being killed than some nonsense about the natural changes in the planet's temperature or social justice. Yes feeding the poor is up on his list but odds are Jesus is rolling his eyes when people talk about climate change.

#3 While Hostin didn't rant and rave about it, climate change is a hoax... well not really it's called THE WEATHER! How many stories are out there about the data being manipulated because when the truth came out the Left didn't get the results they were hoping for?! There is NO WAY mankind has the power to destroy the planets climate. It is beyond insulting to suggest a planet that has withstood asteroids, meteors, volcanic activity, plagues, pandemics, fires, storms of all kinds is so frail mankind is going to destroy it in just over 100 years!

If you took a 12-24 foot tape measure and stretched it out to represent time, one 1/16th mark on that length would represent mans entire existence on Earth! We're insignificant to this planet on the big scale. Have you ever seen how abandon buildings and small communities are taken over by nature? Go watch History Channels, Life After People, life will go on long after we're gone. We need CO2 to exist, without it we're dead. Until democrats can explain how the Earth warmed up to melt all the ice from the last ice age they have no place to speak. By the way without CO2 all life dies and the planet becomes an ice cube!

In all honesty, The View is a very, very dangerous show. These women are masters of propaganda who know those watching use it as their only source of news and information. Yes, the viewers are bad for being so clueless and deliberately ignorant, but these monsters are far worse because they know exactly what they're doing pushing lies.

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